ON JANUARY 12, 1972 AT 11:09 AM



I will describe what I am seeing.  I see with the Eyes of my Soul and God said this is a pure sight, pure vision.  There are Three Saints standing about a foot apart.  They are smiling at me because I am trying to tell Who They are, and when They smile, I smile, because it is an automatic way.  The One Saint in the middle stands majestic as a king.


“When I walked the earth, I did not project this sight to any man I met.  I walked many times alone and I was very conscious of God and His Throne.  He offered suffering to me one day.  I accepted it, and yet, I feared in His Way.  There is so little known about many of the personal talks I had with God alone.

I am Saint Francis of Assisi. The child requested I tell you My Name.  I will speak slower than usual through her today, for I have a Message I must convey.

The degree of purity in the world now is so small that man would need a magnifying glass to see it at all.  This came about because of man’s lack of respect for The Commandments God gave in full time.  The sins of promiscuity are many and children of all ages are indulging freely.  Many of these sins attack each Commandment there is.  When man speaks of gluttony, he thinks only of repast.  I want each child here to think much of this:  You can be gluttonous in many ways.  I ask each one to find out what each Commandment contains and how each one affects your way.

The evil one is working much in your day.  He is attacking the old and the young.  He is encouraging man to be imaginative instead of facing the truth.  I say to you on this day, ‘Use your imagination in a harmless way.’

As I hold the child with Divine Power, it is a Miracle, My speaking to you.  Recognize this, accept It as It is, and then follow through.

Many children are shouting, ‘We live in a modern world, not a modest world,’ and I say to you: ‘How sinful can you be?  How ridiculous can you think?  How shallow can you feel?’ To be immodest, to be impure, does not give you freedom; it is bondage.  The greatest freedom in the world is to follow God’s Will.  There is a joy in it, a happiness, a glow in it, a light in it, a purpose in it that nothing else can give.  Think about this, My children, each day that you live.

I have said much to you today.  Another Saint will speak.  I expect each child before Me here to go over again and again the Words they did hear.  Do not make excuses when you think you are weak, but ask The Heavenly Father to give you strength to be strong, to conquer the weakness where you are wrong; and then hang onto The Commandments of Truth, The Commandments He gave for each of you.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Follow the Light to The Commandments He gave.’  So be it.”

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