ON JANUARY 12, 1972 AT 11:17 AM


“All the Words the beloved Saint Francis delivered to you were given with Love, and now I will add Mine too.

All children walk the world so unsure of what awaits them Here.  They are unsure because they do not trust in the Words of Truth that have been given to all men.  Begin today, My little ones, to trust in God’s Way, and do not be so willing to feel, to think, to follow man’s way.  It is an unsure path and has many weaknesses.

Man has been given all things to make him a Saint.  Man has been given the Rules to live by, prayers to say, and The Holy Eucharist every day.  This is Divine Transfusion with human means.  Ask yourselves, My little ones, how many times, how many excuses you make to not receive.  It is sadness Here when children make weak excuses to not receive The Holy Trinity.

When the Man of God reaches out and says the words he says, look at your God and tell Him you love Him; such a simple little act, such a loving act.  The Greatest Communication in the world:  Transfusion with the Supernatural.  As this occurs, the silence you feel, that you express, is understood all the way.  You cannot feel a great strength surge through your body, but believe Me, My children, it does occur, and the Grace you gain for this act of love, your way, cannot be compared with anything in the world.  Hold Him close, hold Him tight, and cherish every moment until the next time.  God has given man all the ways to Here.

I bless you with God’s Love, for it is His Will that I speak to you here.  So be it.”

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