ON JANUARY 12, 1972 AT 11:25 AM


“My beloved children, the time in which you live is an emotional time.  This is sad, for satan uses this in many ways.  Where there is God, there is peace, tranquillity.  The Greatest Gift in the world He gives to man, The Holy Eucharist, does not create an emotional drain on the body, for you see, your littleness, your weakness could not stand the Great Power, the Great Love that this Miracle is for man.  So The Heavenly Father, in His Understanding, gives It in the quiet, gives It in a peaceful way to every man.

Do not look for great signs, My little ones.  Accept God’s Love as you know it must be.  Every breath you take is His Love.  Every move you make is His Love.  Everything you have is His Love.  Every word you say should show His Love.

The very young are being drawn into a world, a time, of hysteria.  They are being told to be emotional; that’s where they find God.  This is not so.  How long can emotion last without tearing down the physical?

As each of you are present in this room, Heaven speaks, and yet there is a peace.  Is this not so?  And would this not say to you that This is Truth and the other is imagination; or worse still, the evil one, who envies God and envies man, for man has a chance to be a Saint?

I come to you today to plead for the young, to plead on their behalf.  They must be shown truth.  They must be taught God’s Will, and they must be shown God’s Love through you.

All Heaven could speak for hours, but Heaven is fully aware of your littleness and how much you can retain, how much you can absorb, how much you can use.

Oh, My children, do not abuse What you have learned today through This Miracle of The Beloved Saint.  Do not reject It, for It will make you a Saint.  I, too, bless you and I offer you Grace.  God requested that I do.  So be it.”

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