ON JANUARY 13, 1972 AT 7:46 PM


“So few children have heard My Way, heard My Name, that so few children understand that All Saints Who are Here love man; and so few children realize that to walk the physical way is a Gift from God, for you see, the Gift of walking this way is to come Here one day.  There are so many children walking the earth and wasting so much time because they do not understand the road of life leads to a Greater Life in The Divine.

Oh, My sons, if you but knew how many men are Here Who walked the same way you do, you, too, would stop and pray and say, ‘Oh, dear God, help me all the way.’ There are Many Saints standing Here now, in the Realm Where I am, Who had many tiresome days, and many times they would forget to pray; but they were so in love with God that they would stop and say, ‘I am sorry, God, for neglecting You today.’ I ask you on this night, My sons, to remember this when you forget to pray, even if it is some time later in the day, for God does love to hear a child apologize for this, and then He knows the child does care.  So, you see, it will help you in many ways and give you Grace.

The daughters in the room, I say: ‘Modesty and purity must be your way.  The time in which you live has real strength, if you stand up to it where decency is needed, where purity should be seen, and yes, where modesty should be the way.’

As I stand Here in the Realm of Heaven Where I am, We see so many children that will fall into sin because of lack of thought, because of wasting time, because of not caring truly about God and The Divine.  So please, My children, on this night make yourselves a promise you will think more of what God wants and what is best for you; and keep in mind that to be modest will please Him all through.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Do not ignore the Words I say, for if you do, you will be sad when you go away.’  So be it.”

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