ON JANUARY 13, 1972 AT 8:00 PM


“I am Saint Peter.  My children, as I speak through this child on this night, I will say All Things direct and with much truth, and I will say Things that God has decreed must be.

The edifices in His Honor must be filled with children such as thee.  You must not forget that in His Home you will feel close to Him and you will feel the desire to pray.  You must understand, also, that these edifices were built for this and that there He waits for each of thee.

Keep in mind, the visits to Him during the day, during the night, are what He likes to see; and when you enter, be reverent, My children, for it is the place of The Holy King.  Encourage others to make visits to The Blessed One Who is there at all times, and encourage the little ones to pray in this edifice that was built to honor The King.  Many times people are distracted and they say, ‘I do not have the time to go there today.’ This is sadness to The Father for He says, ‘I feel neglect My Way.’

My little ones, as I speak to you from the Realm of Heaven, I say, ‘Make it a point to visit these edifices where you will speak in person to The Holy King each day.’ Do not pass by and say, ‘I do not have the time,’ and do not ignore that That is where He lives, and you must enter and say, ‘I love You, God, thank You for this day.’

There are so many children running around, busily doing little things, but they do not have the time to stop and say ‘Hello’ to The King.  I say to you on this night, as I stand as Peter in the Heavens:  Go to Him, pray to Him and request His Love from Him, and as you do, kneel before as a child, and as you say, ‘God, I love You,’ know He hears what you say.

I shout from the Heavens because man must be alerted to this place.  Man is ignoring it in every way, and man is saying, ‘Let us gather in prayer groups and pray.’ The edifices were built for this purpose, and there He is in The Blessed Sacrament, for all men to come to, to see, to love and to say, ‘I have visited my God today.’  So be it.”

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