ON JANUARY 18, 1972 AT 8:00 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I walked with The Son of God when He walked the earth.  He taught us as it is being taught in your day through this child.  Many times we sat upon a lawn, upon a hill, but sometimes we sat in boats along the way.  Many times we gathered at a tree stump and He would sit and teach us how to pray.  There were many times, as we walked in this way, others along the road gathered to hear the Words that He did say.  There was no book in His Hand for He taught with Love, He taught with Wisdom, He taught The Father’s Way.

And so it is again in your day.  It is being taught Direct from Here.  It is told to each of you, how to come Here.  There is no book in this child’s hand, for if a book was there, it would mean that part of it was man’s.

And so, My children, as I walked, I listened to Him say, ‘My sons, follow God’s Will each day and pray, for as you pray, you grow closer to The Divine, and as you pray, you gain much strength with Him.  Keep this in mind.’

Oh, My children, My Name is John, and as I walked, I listened intently to many Words that He did say.  And in the time we lived and in the time of day that we walked His Way, there were many, many heresies around, and many, many men who argued, thinking they would argue Him down, and we all knew that through Him came the Wisdom of The Divine, the Truth for all mankind.

And sometimes, as we walked, we gathered together and played games to break the monotony of the day, and He would always remind us there was a time for this, but then there was a time to work so we could live, so we could nourish the body, so we could strengthen ourselves, and so we would be ready to hear What He would say and we would have the stamina that was necessary in our day, for He was a great believer in keeping busy.  He would tell us what wasted time would do, and how things could crop up in this wasted time, and how, in a waste of time, we could delay loving God.

Oh, My children, keep in mind the necessity to walk each day following The Divine, and keep in mind as you are taught on this night, through this child as you, that you are not learning from a book but Direct from Here to you; and as you gather in a dwelling of your day, we gathered on a hill in our day.

And to the sons in the room, I especially say, ‘Be mindful that you must stress to others, modesty and purity and obedience God’s Way,’ for many, many, many will listen to what you have to say and they will follow, for they will say, ‘If he feels that strong about this in our day, there must be something to it.’ Oh, My sons, keep this in mind and do it.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with the Truth that I have spoken, and I bless you with the desire to do What I did say, and I bless you with the Wisdom of the Heavens, and I bless you with effort for each one to do it.  So be it.”

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