ON JANUARY 19, 1972 AT 10:56 AM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, you have come today to hear Heaven speak.  You will, My children, for no child requests such a thing from Heaven and does not receive Heaven’s Love in return.

I am Saint Andrew and I come today to speak with a deep Love and much Reverence, and to each child here I say, ‘Today will help you on the way to become a Saint.’ Do not procrastinate on your way and do not waste time, for when you do, you will delay the Crown that awaits each of you.  The Crown in Heaven is not a crown as you know a crown to be.  The Crown is seeing God Himself and the Love He will reach out to each of thee.

I walked the earth.  I was man and I, too, had to abide by God’s Plan.  I, too, had to obey the rules, the regulations that were set down that day.  So few men now are alert to obedience and so few men now accept the beauty of obedience.  So few men now accept authority in any way.

My sons and My daughters, I say to you on this day: ‘Sainthood is waiting for each of you.  Will you reject It?  Do not forget, a wise child listens, a loving child projects, reacts; a selfish child rejects.  Which are you?’  So be it.”

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