ON JANUARY 19, 1972 AT 11:12 AM


“My children, there is so much controversy now on all things, not just a few.  There is much dilemma among men on issues that mean so little to your Soul.  There are many men seeking high acclaim in the world, and what they do not know is that acclaim from man, in the way of man, is short-lived.  Many of these men are eager to please only because they will gain from it.

My children, as you stand in a dwelling of your day, as you listen to Words direct from Heaven in Our Way, I say, ‘Be conscious of the Soul you have, each day.’ At the moment of conception, a child is to be brought into the world, this child is God’s Love, this child has a Soul.  And as this Soul grows with the physical, this Soul looks to the physical for Its growth, Its glow.  So many children come into the world and are not told about this Soul.  They are not told that this Soul will one day spend Eternity with God, in His Way.

Man has dismissed the idea of a Soul and man has rejected the idea of a Guardian Angel.  Please believe Me, My children, They are real.  And as you gather in this dwelling, each of you are three; you are as The Holy Trinity.  Your physical, of course, can be related to The Son, but keep in mind your Soul can be related, in many ways, to The Father; and keep in mind that your Guardian Angel can be related to The Holy Ghost, for It is your Light, your Guardian.

So I have said These Words so you will understand, so you will not just relate to man.  It is important, My children, that as you walk each day, you understand you are in charge of a Soul that God gave you one day.  The Soul will glow as you serve God, as you learn to love Him in your way.

I am a Saint but I walked the earth.  My Name is Peter and I have come in Love.  There were many times when I did weaken in the way of man; and then the Teaching that He gave us on the water, on the land, made me think that there was more to life than just being man.  So you, too, keep in mind this Lesson that I give.  You are three, My children.  Cherish this as you live in the physical way so one day you will enjoy Heaven, God’s Way.

I usually speak quite abrupt when I come through this child to children, but today I have come in, not more Love, but more understanding of some children in My Presence here who would be frightened of My way if I spoke as I usually do.  So I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Keep in mind the Holy Way.’  So be it.”

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