ON JANUARY 20, 1972 AT 7:37 PM


“My children, for centuries man has prayed for Heaven to come in a direct way, for Heaven to answer prayers line by line, word by word.  Man says, ‘I want to touch some Part of Heaven my way.’ Of course, My children, all through time God has given children a Touch of The Divine, and sometimes children are too busy to recognize What God is giving.

Through This Miracle, Heaven is extending Love, Heaven is giving Wisdom from Above.  Heaven is teaching mankind how to be a Saint, because it is God’s Will that each child here in this room become a Saint.  For some of you, up to this time, you did not think this way, and you thought to be a Saint was far out of reach for you any day.  This, My child, My children, was wrong thinking in your way, for God would not deny any man the Beauty of His Way.

Whatever age you are, whatever way you live, whatever vocation that you follow, keep in mind that you can be a Saint.  The Rules are easy to follow and the way is shown by the Light.  The Rules were given to you by God.  They are The Commandments and each one bears a certain Light.  So many children are now hearing not to obey These Rules: ‘They are of the past,’ or, ‘They truly do not exist for They have fallen along the way.’ This, My children, is Not Truth, for as sure as The Heavenly Father made the universe, He gave mankind The Rules to live by to become a Saint.

The child has requested Whom I am.  I smile at this and say, ‘I walked the physical way one day.  I am Saint John Vianney.’ As I speak through this child, I will give you the Direction so worthwhile.

First, My little ones, do not ignore the Gift of prayer and what it should mean to each one here.  It is your communication with The Divine Three.  There are many prayers for you to say, and many, many that will fit your way.  When I walked the earth, it was my love for God, not man; and yet I learned to love man because of my love for God.

One night, as I lay in my cell, in my room in the dwelling of my day, I looked up to the Heavens in an imaginary way and I asked The Heavenly Father to touch me with His Light, for I felt selfish in my way, and yes, I often feared the night.  I did not feel His Hand as such, I did not see the lightning in the sky, and I did not see a figure standing before my eyes; but suddenly, within, I felt a Warmth, I felt a Light and I knew that He had touched me in His Way, not mine, and I felt a Great Truth, and yet I knew that this feeling would not last, and I knew I would have to walk with man and face many tests.

The second Gift that God did give was the Greatest Gift of all, the physical Transfusion of Himself to each one and all.  So many children bypass this Gift of Love from Him, and they do not think to stop and accept It from the Man of God who waits within.  Do not be foolish, children, and reject a Gift like This, for as you accept It, you will gain strength, you will gain courage, you will be enjoined, and nothing on earth can give you This.

The Power through Which I reach you tonight is a Power of Divine Way, and I use an instrument as you, a child who walks your way.

The third way is to keep in mind The Rules that He did give one day, The Rules that cover everything and, in reality, cover every sin that you could make.  Oh, My children, have Them before your eyes each day so you can study Them and realize what They say.

I could add many things to this list.  I could go on and on, but if you will but follow these few, more will come, for the deeper that you grow in love with God, the more He will enlighten you His Way and the more He will magnify your love in His Way.

So many children are not being taught the beauty of truth.  So many children are not being taught the right they have to pray, the need they have to pray, the necessity there is to praying.

The time in which you live is a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and yet, so many children say, ‘It cannot be, I’m enjoying today, and I hope to enjoy tomorrow, and if it was like that horrible time, I would not be enjoying the physical.’ This, My children, is foolish thinking.  Real joy is loving Him, real happiness is serving Him, real acceptance of His Way is recognizing the Purpose of the physical way.

There are so many children in this presence here who can, on this night, begin the path, the road to Sainthood, and hold it dear.  Each one can, but some of you have doubts of your own, and some of you say, ‘It’s not for me, it’s too late.’ Oh please, My children, do not feel this way, and as you grow in love with Him Who Is, you will radiate His Love and your love for Him, and through this love radiating from you, others will begin to follow you this way.

Do not ask for great signs.  It is not what He wants for you.  Do not ask for Him to show you proof of everything that you must do.  Oh, My children, keep in mind the importance of obedience, of penance, of making reparation for the sins you have made, and then along the line, keep in mind that you must help others up this way.

I beg of you on this night to keep in mind Each Word that I have said, and also keep in mind that the small drop of love that you do give is multiplied millions upon millions upon millions upon millions, and then multiplied again and again, for His Generosity is Far Greater than you know.  His Love for you is for you all.

I bless you from the Heavens with His Love, and I bless you with the Heart of The Son, and I bless you with the Light of The Holy Ghost; Separately and as One.  So be it.”

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