ON JANUARY 20, 1972 AT 8:10 PM


“All Heaven is planning on this joyous night for more Souls are being enlightened to the way God Wills it to be.  I am ‘The Little Flower’ and I come to each of you on this night to say, ‘Draw your bouquets and then make them work for you as you work for Heaven.’ My children, each of you in this room likes a particular flower.  Some of you like bouquets with many different types in each one.  Now I say, ‘Whatever kind of a bouquet you like, begin to pick it on this night and bring it to the Feet of The Father.’

I know that many of you have read My book.  It told many things about My way, and each of you, in reading it, knew I chose ‘the little way’, and when I say ‘the little way’, I smile at this, for each of you, too, can choose ‘the little way’ to God, your way.

Now, let Us begin first by asking you a question.  On this day, did you offer God your love?  Did you say to Him, ‘Thank You for this day’? I wonder how many here did, and I wonder how many of you will do it on the morrow.  You can, you know.  It’s simple.  All you have to do is think it, and all you have to do is say it: ‘I love You, God.’ It is such a little act.  It is ‘the little way’.

So, each day from now on, when you awaken to the light, say, ‘Good morning, God, I love You,’ and I promise each child here, that if you continue to do this every day, you will find a beauty of ‘the little way’.  So be it.”

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