ON JANUARY 22, 1972 AT 11:12 AM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Aloysius, and I say to each one here: ‘Be a Saint, walk the way.  You can do it, and in trying to do this, you will hold life dear.’

So many children go around pessimistically, saying, ‘This is a terrible life I have; there is so much sorrow all around.’ I say to you now from beneath the Crown, ‘Use each day, spend each day, love each day, for God gave it to you so you would bear a Crown, so one day you would be able to say, “I thank You, God, for letting me come This Way.”’ The joy that is Here no words can explain.  There is no man in the world who can describe Heaven as It Truly Is this way.

And there is no vocation you could choose that would not help you come This Way, unless, of course, you were dedicated to the other way.  The man who bakes bread has a great chance to become a Great Saint.  The man who uses his fingers to sew with thread has a great chance to be a Saint.  The man who cuts another’s hair has a great chance to become a Saint.  The man who cares for the body has a great chance to become a Saint.  The man who preaches God has a great chance to become a Saint.  The man who works with his hands, who toils in the soil, has a great chance to become a Saint.

God did not lay out one rule and say, ‘Be this or you will be a fool.’ No.  God says, ‘Use the life I have given to be a Saint,’ and in this dwelling where you stay, all you children in this way have different tasks to perform each day; and some of you are similar in your way, and yet some of you are much different from the others, and each of you can become a Saint.

When God gave man the Ten Commandments, He did not go through the line and say, ‘These Commandments are just for those who walk a certain way,’ but He gave the Ten Commandments for the whole of mankind.  Keep this in mind, My little ones, and know that These Commandments must be taught, so men will grow God’s Way.  Do not eliminate Them from your way, and have Them in your home so others will know They exist, for you see, so many men have put Them in a drawer, ashamed of Them, or saying, ‘They no longer exist.’ Not so.  They exist in fullness and They will be The Rules you walk by to Heaven, Where you will meet The Holy Three.

As I leave, I bless each child in My Presence here, and I know that This Miracle of The Beloved Saint is different than you’ve ever experienced on the earth, but hold It dear, for through This Miracle, it will be the beginning for many Saints.  I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Behold, the instrument is to draw you God’s Way.’  So be it.”

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