ON JANUARY 22, 1972 AT 11:26 AM


“My sons, My daughters, so much has been said from the Realm of Heaven, and now I enter through the child to you, to give My Approval on All that was said and all the things you must do.  I am The Son of The Father, and I walked the earth, and keep in mind, My children, that from the moment of My Birth I was aware of the day that I would come Here, Where I am to stay.

During the Crucifixion, when My Body was wracked with pain, I inwardly would scream to Him, ‘Oh, God, how much longer do I have to stay?’ He would whisper Words of Love and give Me the picture that had to be:  the Souls that would be arriving to live with The Divine Three.  Even with this in mind, it was My Love for Him that helped Me endure Calvary for mankind.

Man speaks of love, but man does not know real love until he falls in love with He Who Is, for this love is pure, it is direct, it is a consoling love.  It is not a prideful love.  It is a deliberate love, it has all the aspects of purity.

Man speaks out and he says, ‘The Son of God suffered for me,’ but man does really not realize the pain and the agony, and as I speak through this child, if I were to show you the Crucifixion Scene, your emotions could not stand it, her physical could not endure it, and you would feel the agony; but in God’s Love for each of you, He protects you from this scene, and yet there was a day when many men stood by and watched Me.  They were not cannibalistic, they were humans such as thee; but they forgot decency and they forgot the beauty of love, they forgot to trust, they forgot obedience, and they forgot that man is weak and God is Strength.  Oh, there were so many things forgotten at that Crucifixion Scene, and satan has tried very hard to make a plan so that you would forget that day of agony.

Please, believe Me, My little ones, that to follow the evil one is to know hate, envy.  There is no love in his way, there is only jealousy.  He is jealous of you, for you still can return to Heaven, Where your Soul first began.  The Faith that you were given, the Love that you were shown, were Gifts from God to give you strength and courage.  I, too, had these Gifts.  Oh, My children, if you but knew the Beauty that is Here, if you but knew the Love The Saints feel Here, you would live no other way but to come This Way.

As I speak through this child, I speak in a natural way, I speak with Words you understand, and I speak in a language of your way.  How else could you know What Heaven wanted you to know?  If it came in another tongue your way, you would have to depend on another man to interpret What I did say.  This man could misinterpret My Words and give you others, his way, and that is why This Miracle of a Beloved Saint has a Purity in It, a Beauty around It, a Peace, for the Words to you are simple, They are direct, They are complete.

As I bless you from the Heavens, you do not see My Hand, as you must accept it in Faith, in trust, as Joseph did in another land.  Keep in mind, My little ones, that each of you has a chance to walk the physical in obedience, in trust, love, service.  Do not deny yourselves this way, for if you do, the evil one will take you his way, and Heaven cannot bear this.  The Heavenly Father says: ‘Do not let the children stray.  Teach them all you can each day,’ and that is why This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is so Important to man, for through This Miracle of Love, of Hope, It speaks to every man.

As you entered the door you gained Grace.  As you leave, you will be blessed in many ways.  You cannot feel the Blessing, you cannot see the Hand, but I say to you on this day of Love, ‘Trust, for as you trust, the Love you will receive, the Grace you will receive, will be magnified time and again.’  So be it.”

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