ON JANUARY 26, 1972 AT 11:25 AM


“You know, My children, there are so many children hanging to threads, threads they feel will bring them to the Feet of God.  If the children were to stand firm on the ground, with truth as their way, and their head attached to the physical, they would feel a strength.  Children use imagination in many ways of work:  drawing sketches, painting pictures, and other things; but, when it comes to God, do not walk with your head in the clouds, but stay on earth.

I am Saint Therese, ‘The Little Flower’, and I have come today through this child to speak to you, for I say, ‘How can you gather flowers if you have your heads in the clouds?’ Keep this in mind as you walk through the fields, which is the field of life:  The flowers that you pick will be your acts of love; and know that all is right.  Pick the little ones, My children.  These are little acts from you:  acts of charity, acts of love, acts of hope, so as you walk each day, you will feel the fragrance of the day and you will have the Odor of Sanctity always in your way.

As you walk farther on in the road of life and you are more capable of picking the bigger flowers, for it sometimes takes more strength to choose this kind, the little acts of love you did perform will have helped you grow strong enough for greater acts this way.

There are so many children on the outside of this dwelling who want to come God’s Way, and no one cares enough to teach them that every day can be this way.  So many men are making great issues, complicated ideas, thinking this is the way, when in reality, My children, the simple way, the giving way, the way of acts of love each day, is the most beautiful way to God, to Heaven, to Sainthood.  There are some children in the room, in the dwelling right here now, who, if what they hear is complicated, they feel security in it.  Do not allow this to be your way, for if you do, you will stray.

I bless you with God’s Love, and I say, ‘Gather the flowers, small at first, and then decorate the bouquet with large ones, and then come This Way.’  So be it.”

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