ON FEBRUARY 2, 1972 AT 11:24 AM


“What grandmother would not cling to a child who seeks protection, love, when the child is concerned for God’s Will to be done?  Many times a grandmother spends time with the child when the parents are weary or the parents are busy.  This is not My Role in Heaven, for your Heavenly Parents are never too busy for you.  Remember this, My children, when you pray, and everything you do.  My Role is to perpetuate God’s Will, to seek you out, to encourage you to stay close to your Parents, to cling to What They Are, Who They Are, and above all things, to perform each day so one day you will stand next to Them, Here Where I stay.

All over the world, My little ones, I go to help children such as you cling to the Parents, The Heavenly Ones.  I have come on this day to teach you about the beauty of the clinging, the depending upon your Heavenly Parents, and I have also come to stress the beauty of going in prayer, in love, to The Beloved Saint Joseph, Who was the Protector for My Daughter, Who was the Protector for The Divine Son, Who was given the responsibility by God Himself to walk with this Child Who was to bear the Cross for the Salvation of everyone.

Do not walk away from this dwelling with your own thoughts twisted, but open your hearts and open your minds to the Protection This Miracle is.  Open your hearts, open your minds, open your eyes to how God would work to save you in the way of mankind.

There are some places that I look into the dwellings and My heart goes out, because there is one child in this dwelling who is seeking God’s Help and the others could not care; and as your Heavenly Grandmother, I stay close to there, ever ready to protect the child who wants protection in an atmosphere of despair.

As you are present in this room, each child here has a different thought about life, a different desire, a different despair.  Some of you live each day, using your own will to accomplish what you feel must be done that day.  This is right, but I ask you now to look at the will, dissect it, and find out if you use it God’s Way, or just to get your own way.  This is important, My little ones, more than you know.

I watch the little ones.  Some are let run where they may and some are protected every way.  I watch their little wills at work and I see danger many days, for those in charge of these little ones are not teaching the wills God’s Way.  They are letting the will develop its way to get what it wants, teaching the child, allowing the child self-love, and in some ways, My children, self-destruction.

When a child is born to the earth, the will has been there since the moment of conception.  This will says, ‘I am hungry.’ This will says, ‘I need help.’ This will says, ‘I want to move.’ This will says, ‘I want to cry.’ This will says, ‘I want my way.’ So, it is up to those in charge of this child to guide and guard the will each day.

My children, if you will but pray for those who cannot do what they must, pray for those who have little trust in God’s Way, and pray for those who disobey the Commandments God gave all of us.  Pray for those who are weak and who cater to their weakness, causing themselves destruction.  Pray for those who are flip where God is concerned.  Pray for those who are too preoccupied to accept the Gift He gives each day on the Altar of Love; and ask yourselves, My little ones:  Are you one who rejects this Gift?  Are you one who uses your own will to reject His?  Some of you will have to say, ‘Yes.’

Remember What was said before.  God knows all things, and even when you are hidden by a material thing, He knows your excuses.  You are loved much, My children, more than you can know.  Do not allow your will to keep you from Sainthood where you are all destined to go.

I bless you with My Grandmotherly Love, and with My Hope that from this day on you will accept the Gift from your Heavenly Parents and you will grow closer to Them, as it is Their Will.  So be it.”

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