ON FEBRUARY 2, 1972 AT 1:45 PM


“My beloved children, My firmness today was to instill in man the purpose of this Hill that is directed by Divine Way.  It is not just a hill, it is a Hill of Hope, a Hill of Truth, a Hill of History, a Hill depicting Bible History, a Hill teaching mankind the Glory of Sainthood, the Beauty of The Divine.  It is a Hill to teach mankind of God’s Creations, to show man the beauty of a tree, to show man how man uses a tree:  decoration, dwelling, Crucifixion for Me.  Man’s use of God’s Creations are many.  Man, at a moment, decides, ‘I will use His Creation for destruction,’ or, ‘I will use His Creation for beauty, I will use His Creation for what pleases me.’

Even the mines in the earth will be seen on this Hill.  God created the world.  There will be all things, showing their worth, their purpose, their need in the way of man.  Oh, My children, diamonds come from the earth, emeralds are cut from the earth, rubies are given up by the earth.  I could go on and on.  Gold comes from the earth, silver comes from the earth.

Man owns nothing where God is concerned.  In this Hill will be man’s donation to God of things God first owned.  They will be put to use for His Will.  Many men will hate to let go of the things he has stored up for himself, and yet you will find that some will realize that the belonging was God’s first.  Even the ground upon which plants will grow will be designed by Heaven.  The plant was created by God; man might have been the instrument for a particular plant to grow.

This Hill is comprised of different slopes.  This Hill cannot capsize.  This Hill is to help man grow to a degree in God’s Way that nothing else can.  This Hill is to draw man like a magnet, this Hill is to keep man alert to God’s Will.

There will be a passage for the lame, for the ill, and they will be brought to the edifice, and they will hear the words said over the Ultimate Gift which will be given as bread.  They will be filled with love, they will be given hope, they will be shown the beauty of God’s Creation, the world.  They will be handed gently, a prayer to be said.  They will go away, feeling that God cares.  They will leave the Hill, knowing that this Hill is dedicated to help man.

There is to be no unhappiness on this Hill, there is to be no dissension on this Hill, there is to be no self-righteousness on this Hill, there is to be no unrest on this Hill.  This Hill is to give man solitude, to serenity, peace, tranquillity, hope, love, trust.  This Hill is to give man a Touch of God Himself.  This Hill is to show man the Spiritual trek of life, and the slopes will show man that he must reach one first and then another, and then another and another, to reach the top.  This Hill will benefit man in every way.  This Hill is to bring man to Judgment Day.  This Hill is to crowd Heaven with Souls.  This Hill is to draw man to Heaven Where I am.

Oh, My children, as I use this instrument, small, it will be Our Power, Our Way, Our Will, that will show through her.  The more responsibility that comes will show her smallness, and We will show to a degree where it must be.

I bless you with Love, and it is a privilege, My children, to partake in this Hill of Hope for The Divinity.  So be it.”

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