ON FEBRUARY 2, 1972 AT 1:55 PM


“Men say: ‘I want signs.  I want direction.  I want proof.  I want someone to show me what God Wills for me to do.’ God has heard these prayers over centuries, since the Crucifixion time.  Men have been allowed to know certain things, and certain men have been given definite tasks to perform, to fulfill God’s Will.  Now, upon the earth that God created, He is sending forth Great Messages to teach man the Way to Here, to lead man to Here, to give man Light on what God expects of each man.

Man is also learning the importance of striving for Sainthood, reaching a Goal.  Man is being taught the Purpose of life, the dignity of it, oh, and yes, the magnitude it can be.  There are men who are absorbing and retaining What they learn from Here.  There are those who are trying very hard to dissect It, to analyze It, to perfect It.  Those men are sadness to Here, for you see, they are detaining themselves on the path to Here.  There are some men who are willing to accept anything, for you see, they feel a great need, but they do not have the ability to sift truth from untruth, right from wrong, love from deceit.  God says, ‘Pray,’ and these men are too busy accepting all things man’s way, so they do not have the time to pray.

There are men all over the world trying hard to say this child through whom I speak is not real, she is false, and Heaven says: ‘This Miracle is to give man Hope, to give man a Treasure of Light, a Beam of Truth.  This Miracle is to show man God’s Love through a Beloved Saint.  This Miracle is to show man that All Heaven waits for each man to come Here one day.  This Miracle is Greater than the sun, the moon, the earth and all the planets.  It is Greater than the whole universe, for you see, My children, it is God’s Love, God’s Way.  This Miracle has been given to the world to implant in man’s mind the Divine Way, to show man the Beauty of The Holy Trinity, to show man that to be a Saint can be walked in the natural way.’

Oh, My children, if you but knew the Magnitude of This Miracle you would do nothing but kneel to pray.  You would reach out each day and say to God, ‘Let every thought I have, every act I do, be Your Way.’

My children, I come to you on this day and I say, ‘The Miracle will be to lead men to the Hill.  It will be to serve men on this Hill, but It will be to give men strength in the Hill.’ The Hill, if it were wrapped in a package like you wrap a package, it would glow with the Grace that is put there for you.  No man, in wrapping this package, could stand all the Grace he would feel, for you see, his arms and his hands and his feet and his legs would have to pull the package close to tug at the wrapping, and this would be too much for man at one time; but when man’s feet stands on this Hill, absorbs the Grace, and it comes up through the whole being, it will enrich the Soul, it will enrich the mind, it will give Faith to the blind.  Oh, My children, Heaven does love you, and as I speak through this child, it is truly God’s Will.

Have you come upon Whom I am?  I ask each child here to say a Name.  I smile at this, for you see, you are so used to hearing Heaven that none of you have come upon Whom I am.  To each of you, you have chosen One you felt close to in some ways.  Oh, My children, I purposely spoke different today.  I am Saint Peter.  So be it for now.”

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