ON FEBRUARY 3, 1972 AT 7:33 PM


“My sons, My daughters, as you entered this dwelling tonight you were conscious of a physical sight.  You were conscious of your own being and you were conscious of all things around you.  You were conscious of material things, but there was one thing you were not conscious of, the Most Important Part of each one:  the Soul, My children.

Your entering the door was My Wish, was My Love, for I am The Son of God, and I come to you on this night with a Message of Truth.  I am speaking first, and Others will follow to you, but I am opening the door to touch your hearts for a night you must not forget, for there is much learning to be done by you and there is much Teaching to be taught.

Each child here must be conscious of the Soul that was given to them at the moment of conception of their life.  Each child in My Presence here must know that that Soul must return to Us as a Light, in a Great Light.

My little ones, do not doubt My Words, and do not doubt the way I would speak to you.  Men have requested for centuries to hear direct, Our Words, and now it comes to you.  The Heavenly Father has designed This Time to be.  He says, ‘Now is the time for the world to see The Beloved Saint Joseph.’ So, you see, My little ones, this time has many facets.  This time is a time to help you learn the way to Sainthood.  This time is to make you aware that the Purpose of your life is to be a Saint Here Where We are.  Each child in My Presence here has this chance, this privilege, this way.  Only you can deny yourselves this Beautiful Goal, this Beautiful Gift.

Oh, My children, when I died upon the Crucifix, I said to man, ‘Pay attention to what has happened here and follow God’s Plan.’ My dying did enough, and this is why I come to you on this night.  Do not die totally but live for Me, and let your Soul be a Great Light.  As I speak through this child, I teach you the way to pray.  I teach you to hold prayer dear to you, for it is communication.  Pray.

Sometimes, when you are in despair, you would feel less this way if you would talk Our Way.  And many times you pass Me by as I stay in the Tabernacle watching you go by.  I desire you to stop and say, ‘I love You, God, help me today.’ How many here in My Presence now, did this today?  So few.  Please remember this, My children, and when you do, stop and I will listen to you.

On this day, as all days, We stood waiting for children to come to receive the Ultimate Gift of Love, the Strength that only We are, only We can give, and again I say, ‘Were you among those who came Our Way?’ Oh, My children, I want so much to have you know the Love that We do bestow.  The Love We have to give is Far Greater than you know.  Please, on the morrow remember this.

As I bless you through the child, I say, ‘Keep in mind the need to pray, and also, My children, receive each day The Holy Eucharist.’ I bless you with The Father’s Love, and as I take My Hand to your breast I touch My Heart to yours, for it was with this Love I gave you life; and I cross your shoulders one at a time and I call upon The Third Person of The Divine, and as I do this, I give thee Faith to understand the Truth that must come your way.  So be it.”

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