ON FEBRUARY 3, 1972 AT 7:58 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, sometimes it is so easy to listen to words, it is so easy to read words.  It is so easy to pass them by, it is so easy to deny what you heard.  I ask you, My children, that What you hear tonight, do not pass It by, do not dismiss It.  Do not say you did not hear It, for you did, and Heaven knows you did.  Heaven knows exactly what occurred on this night for Heaven Delivered It, Heaven Governed It, Heaven Was At The Helm Of It.

Keep in mind, My children, also, that nowhere can you hide and nowhere can you shield yourself from the enemy, for you see, he is all around.  There is one weapon against him and that is the Sword of Love for God.

I am Saint Michael.  As I speak to you on this night, I speak with a firmness, for as I stand Here in the Heavens I know the Greatness this Sword is, for this is the Sword I carried through all time.  Tonight, as you pick up this Sword before you leave this dwelling, keep this in mind:  No one else will see this Sword, only you.  This Sword can be one inside of you or on the outside of you, for this Sword is your love for God, for The Divine.

Say My Prayer, My children, and as you do, I am ever ready to help you, for when a child calls upon Me, I never deny the child My Presence nor My Help, for you see, the Sword I carry covers the whole world.  As I stand in the Heavens and I see children in battle the physical way, I say to them, ‘With the goal you have, have the Sword of Love for God and it will help you in every way.’

Every time I am pictured, man sees a physical sword.  This is good, for this is the way I have been seen; but the Sword, in reality, is My Love for The Divine Three, and tonight I give each one here a Sword to carry for Him, a Sword that will help you through all things.  And on the day that you arrive Here, the Sword will be handed to Him, but you will find that the Sword was so small compared to the Sword that He carried for you, a Sword of Protection, a Sword of Love.  Your Sword will look so small then.

You have been Blessed much on this night, My children, and you have been given much Light; and as I bless you with God’s Love, I say: ‘Carry the Sword of Love, doing God’s Will each day, so one day you will arrive Here, a Saint in Heaven Where I am, to stay; and when you follow God’s Words, do it in joy and He will grant you Grace for the way you served in your little way.’  So be it.”

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