ON FEBRUARY 3, 1972 AT 8:05 PM


“My children, all through time I have asked children to abide by My Rules, by My Commandments.  All through time I have shown children, in some way, the Beauty of The Divine.  If I allowed you to become a thousand years old, you would still be My child.  If I allowed you all the knowledge in the world, you would still be My child.  If I allowed you all the power in the world, you would still be My child.  I am your Heavenly Father.  I am The One Who created you.

I am speaking with Light, requesting each child in My Presence here to return to Me.  I am giving you My Love.  Nowhere in the world do I speak so much as I do through This Miracle of Personal Touch, This Miracle I designed for a favored Son because He walked, He lived, He served, carrying the Sword of Love for Me.  I speak slowly through the child, so each child in My Presence here now will understand What I say.

You were each given a physical life, designed by Me, so one day you would share Heaven with Me.  You have no power on your own.  I gave you a will so you would be able to accept or reject truth, untruth.  When I created man, I did it with Love, out of Love, and in Love.  There was no selfishness involved.  Never do I deny you My Love.  Never do I reject you in any way.  Never do I ask more of you than I have given you ability to do.  Nowhere have I ever rejected a child for any reason.

I speak on this night for many reasons.  You are here in this room because it is Our Will, not yours.  Your will complied with Ours, no matter what reason is evident to you.  Right now in the world there are many kneeling, begging for My Words.  I have chosen this place, I have chosen you to speak to.  You are Blessed on this night, My Way.  The Lessons taught were the Ones I wanted taught on this night.  These Lessons are to awaken you, these Lessons are to alert you to My Way.

There is not one child present here that I do not love, and if you feel you have done things to displease Me, I want you to use your will to correct the weaknesses, the faults you feel would displease Me.

All through time I have given mankind truth.  I have never once not seen man’s need and ignored him.  You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and I am coming through This Miracle I designed so each child here will be aware of the way to walk amidst the horror that is everywhere.  Men are using their will against Me.  They are joining the enemy because he offers them physical things, but he is not telling them the evil.  He is not being truthful with man.  He is covering the ugliness with a sheer line of glitter, color, intriguing falsehood.  Keep this in mind.  He is also using men to shout My Name, but underneath he plays a game, a game with your Soul; for he envies you, for you have the chance to carry the Sword of Love for Me, and his chance is gone.

When I decided to create man there was order in My Plan.  There is order in all I do, there is reason for all I do, there is purpose for all I do.  My children, I do love you.  I ask you to love Me.  Carry that Sword that the beloved Saint Michael gave each of thee.  It will be a Sword that will shunt the enemy.

I bless you with My Love.  I bless you with courage, I bless you with strength, I bless you with Faith, I bless you with trust My Way.  I bless you with The Heart of My Son and I ask each one to give your heart to Me.”

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