ON FEBRUARY 9, 1972 AT 11:18 AM


“My beloved children, much has been said to you today to help you better understand God’s Way.  Much has been given to you today for you to deliver to others your way.  Much has been learned by you today and much will be retained by you today, for in this room you have learned what God wants for you, of you, from you.

I am a Saint, and as I stand Here in the Heavens, I know each one of you.  I walked the earth with not the privilege you have.  I did not hear firsthand, Words such as you have heard, and yet in my little way, I knew that there was a Greater Power than man.  Oh, My children, I am Saint Bernard, and as I speak to you today, I say: ‘I, too, had to walk in Faith.  I, too, had to perform for God.  I, too, had to show my love.  God did not come in the sky with Angels blowing trumpets, but He instilled in my heart the truth, the Faith, the love that was needed for me to withstand what I must for Him, as He has done this to each child here.’

At the moment of conception, the beginning of your lives, you were given Faith as I was.  Men will try to deny this Faith and they will say theologically it is different, but this is not so.  Each child is given the Faith that a Higher Being has all ‘say so’.  At the moment of conception, when two cells meet, your Soul is there, your will is there; and as the physical fights to live, the Soul, too, fights to live with God in Eternity.

Your being present in this room was not a casual thought of yours or someone else’s you know.  You have been enlightened to the Presence of This Miracle because God wanted it so.  Some of you do not understand, some of you understand deeply, and there are those of you who want to know that This is true, for if It is, It will help you.

I know what each child feels, and as I speak through this child as you, I say, ‘Take the problems you are aware of in your way and offer them to God His Way.’ As the Cross was laid upon the Shoulders of The Son, it gave you responsibility, the responsibility to acknowledge this Cross, to thank Him for accepting it, and for you to show your thankfulness by doing what you can to come Here one day.  He did not allow the Cross to be laid so you would be doomed satan’s way, but He did allow the Cross for you to be saved.

Do not allow your life in the way of man to be a contradiction to His Love, for if you do, you will walk in sadness, remorse, weakness, no hope, and each thing will be a burden to you.  Those who walk, willing to love God His Way, willing to serve Him His Way, walk in a joy that no human words can describe, for this joy is so deep inside that it cannot be seen, but it does radiate in many ways.

I bless My sons in the room for they are God’s sons, and I bless the daughters in the room for you are God’s daughters, and I say, ‘Let your hearts acknowledge the Faith you have, let your hope dwell in God’s Love, and let this day be a beginning for you that only truth will come your way.’  So be it.”

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