ON FEBRUARY 10, 1972 AT 7:46 PM


“My beloved sons and My beloved daughters, I am Saint Francis of Assisi.  Nowhere in time has man heard Words like This from The Divine, Words in such a personal way, Words in such a direct way.  Some men have been chosen along the line to hear These Words to help others, but never has it been that so many thousands of men hear Them as you hear Them tonight.  When The Beloved Son of God walked the earth as man, He taught the Wisdom of The Father.  He, too, talked to multitudes and He, too, constantly observed God’s Plan.

When I walked the earth, I realized there was a Great Power that I must look to, that I must listen for.  It was not easy in My day for I had to draw myself close to God in many ways, as you must do in your day.  No man in My Presence now would be rejected by God if you were to say to God this moment, ‘I will do Your Will, God, not mine.’ These are the words God loves to hear, as He did mine.  Some children say to walk for God is a difficult way.  Not so, My children, for in many ways, it is the most simple road to take, the most joyful road to be on, and the happiest road for every day.

I could speak through this child with poetry hour on end, but you, in your littleness, could not hold up under the time, and you could not retain All that I would have said.  So, in your little way, take Each Word I say tonight and follow Them.  Do not close your heart, for if you do, you will shut God out.  Close your eyes and open your heart and you will feel His Love inside you.

If I were to come down from the Heavens and kneel before you here, some of you would be very shocked and some of you would feel the Beauty of The Divine near, but for the most part, most of you would not be able to stand the Power of My Being, firsthand.  So that is why The Heavenly Father chose a child, as you, to use as an instrument of Love to reach you.  It is as it was in the time of The Son:  the Wisdom that was taught was God, through a Man like you.

When you feel a restless way and when you feel indifferent, when you feel a burdensome way, look to Us and We will reassure you, for We did walk your way.  So many children now are not being taught the Purpose of The Saints.  Our Work Here in Heaven is being ignored, for man says, ‘Do not bother with Them, They do not exist.’ This is not so.  We exist in God’s Way, and He asks Each One of Us to help you so you will better grow His Way.

You know, My children, as I stand in the Heavens Here, I teach a Lesson so worthwhile and I ask each one to hold It dear.  Be blessed by this night.  Grow from it and in it, and be sure of one thing, that when you leave this dwelling you open your heart, close your eyes, and let God enter into your whole being.  Now when I say, ‘Close your eyes,’ I mean to the material world.  I do not say, ‘Have nothing,’ but I do say, ‘Do not place all importance on the material way.’

I bless you with God’s Love and I touch your heart so you will open it to God, His Way.  So be it.”

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