ON FEBRUARY 10, 1972 AT 7:59 PM


“I am Saint Teresa of Avila.  As I speak through this child, I speak direct.  As I speak through this child, I say to each one here, ‘Do not give Me excuses, I do not want them.’ I want each child to say to God on this night, on the next night and on the following night, that you desire to become a Saint, for if you keep saying this, it will happen, for you will find that if a night comes and you do not say, ‘God, help me to be a Saint,’ you will feel very sad.

So on this night I request each child here to say to God, ‘Help me be a Saint.’ Tomorrow night, I say, ‘Say to God, “Help me be a Saint.”’ Make it a habit, My children.  Prayer is a habit.  Loving God is a habit.  Serving God is a habit.  Obedience to God is a habit.  Trusting God is a habit.

Many times, when young women would kneel at my feet and they would say to me, ‘Mother, help me, help me with my vocation; do I really have one, do I really want to serve God?’ unbeknownst to this child before me, I would be pleading to God, saying, ‘Help me become a Saint and help this child have the strength to want this also.’

And so, My children, on this night I say to each one here, ‘Repeat it again and again and again and again and again, so God will hear it quite clear: “Please, God, help me be a Saint.”’  So be it.”

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