ON FEBRUARY 10, 1972 AT 8:04 PM


“There are some children here in My Presence now who have devotion to Me.  They seek My Aid, My Intercession to The Divine King.  I am ‘The Little Flower’.

I ask each child in My Presence here to pray much for the Men of God, so they will do as God Wills them to do and they will never walk weak in any way.  It is important that these men walk as The Son walked, ever ready to serve, ever ready to please The Father.

If one of you is in deceit on this night, rectify it.  Do not let it remain as such.  My children, sometimes, if you do not feel strong enough to face others as you truly are, pray for the strength, pray for the love, pray for the courage, for if you ever walk in deceit in any way, you will harm yourself many ways.  Face truth for what it is, face obedience for how it is, and face trust in God for the fullness it is.

Each day, on the Altar, a Man of God has a power of change.  There is no deceit in this.  There is all truth, all love.  All men must live this pure, this true, each day.  All men must see the beauty of truth.  All men must understand it is God’s Way.

As I walked the earth there were many times I was very lonely, and I often wondered if my life outside the walls of the convent would have been so full that loneliness would not have touched me in any way, and yet I knew that if I had walked on the outside of the walls, I would have walked in deceit and I could not bear this way, for I felt to not stand solely for God in the habit way, in the religious way, would have been deceit on my part.

Now, some of you in the room where this child is will attack What I say to you.  Never walk in deceit.  Have the courage to face all men in truth.  Heaven is All Truth.  Heaven is All Love.

Oh, My children, gather a bouquet each day, not a bouquet of flowers as you know flowers to be, but a bouquet consisting of acts of love, so when nighttime comes and you lay these acts at the Feet of God, to Him they will look as a bouquet of great beauty, and He will say: ‘I compare each act, My child, to a flower I created, and as I look at this bouquet that you have given Me on this day, I see roses, I see peonies, I see daffodils, and yes, another flower mixed in.  This, My child, I love, for it was the filler, causing the bouquet to be more beautiful and more lovingly displayed.’

As you leave this dwelling on this night, I ask each child here to follow truth, and hand The Heavenly Father tonight a bouquet of love from you.  So be it.”

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