ON FEBRUARY 16, 1972 AT 11:15 AM


“My beloved children, as I spoke through the child, All Heaven smiled upon each one here, for in your little way you did not expect Us to be speaking Our Way.  Very often We use you to extend God’s Love to another man.  Very often We use you to help another man, God’s Way.  There are so many times that you, in your little way, do not listen Our Way, for you become so preoccupied with things of so little worth.  This was done to you today to show you how We could speak through someone else to guide you.

If each child here will picture God standing in the Heavens, you will see Him with His Hand on every child’s head, never letting go, and sometimes when you feel He’s not there, He is; it is only you who let go.

All through time man has been taught to look to truth, to look to the Lessons that have come forth.  The Heavenly Mother has appeared many times, seeking children out, and now again Heaven comes forward, reassuring you of God’s Hand, telling you about God’s Will and asking you to hold tight to His Hand.

I am a Saint.  I was man.  I am Saint Jude.  Children pray for the impossible way and I do hear every prayer they say.  I intercede to God for the prayer to be answered His Way.  Oftentimes He will say, ‘Jude, will this bring the child My Way?’ and I must face Him with the truth and say, ‘It will only appease the child, man’s way.’ And with His Love, He looks at Me and says, ‘Help the child, My Way.’ So you see, My children, if you have prayed and you have felt your prayers were not answered your way, know that God knew what was best, and I carried out His Words, His Way, for what was best for you that day.

Right now, a child is kneeling in prayer to Me, and this child is begging for a life to be spared, for the child cannot bear to lose the life that he feels belongs to him.  Many stand at this bedside.  I am there, and We know that if this child is spared, that the very one who prays for this will lead this child to despair.  I ask you now, ‘What would God’s Will be for this child who stands on the brink of Eternity?’ Your answer is, ‘Oh, Saint Jude, let God’s Will be done, not his.’

And so it is, My children, you must have Faith, have trust in what occurs, and do not shout at God and say, ‘You do not love me today, You do not give me my way.’ This is sadness to be heard, for you see, you must learn to depend upon The Holy Trinity, for that is what is wrong with the world.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and God is coming through this child to give you Strength, to give you Hope, to give you Love, so you will not fade into the world.  There is no stronger Love than God’s.  There is no stronger Strength than His.  There is no greater Hope than the One He gives, and that, My children, is for each of you to one day really live.

You are Blessed through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  And as I explained the Hill to you, We smiled in Heaven, for We knew your thoughts, and with some of you, your eagerness to do; and those of you who felt the Beauty of the Hill are Blessed, for the Hill is Hope.  The Hill, in many ways, will be a test, for God’s Will must be done in every spot on this ground.

And when men enter the gate, from that moment on, they will feel the Power in the Hill, they will feel the Grace, and as they wander to the top they will learn Bible History, God’s Way.  The Crucifixion site will be placed in such a way that man will walk the path to Calvary that The Son of God did take one day, and this will renew men’s knowledge of this Hill; and God does want men to see The Heart that had to be so filled with Love that It withstood every test.

I bless you in the Name of God.  I bless you with The Heart that The Son did give to give you life, and I bless you with the Light of Heaven to light the path for each child.  So be it.”

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