ON FEBRUARY 17, 1972 AT 7:37 PM


“I could extend much Power through this child and do many things to keep you in awe, My children, but that would not support this Love I give to you on this night, for what you would see with your eyes would not help your hearts.  Keep this in mind.

Oh, My children, I am Saint Francis of Assisi, and I come on this night to extend to you the reason for This Miracle of such Divine Truth.  Be aware of the beauty of retreat, and as you do, keep this in mind, that when you retreat from the world it is not escape from the world, but it gives you strength to return to stand among mankind, in truth, in love sublime.

So many men are passing by God’s House.  They are not going in, for they fear going in will keep them in bondage.  Not so.  To love God is freedom.  To be close to Him is love.  To be closer to God than anything in the world gives you the greatest freedom in the world.

Oh, My children, I knew this, for I walked the world, free, and as you have seen many pictures of Me, I talked with the birds, I talked with the trees, and through this talking I felt free.  My devotion was to God.  I did not retreat from life, I entered it.  Keep this in mind as you live each day.

I love you.  You are God’s Love, and I come to you on this night to say, ‘Be wise, My children, retreat, to give you strength to return to the world and fight for what is right in your day.’  So be it.”

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