ON FEBRUARY 17, 1972 AT 7:43 PM


“My beloved children, man tries in many ways to escape.  He tries oftentimes to escape the physical life.  He thinks that roads of escape are falling into sin, and sometimes he chooses to have companions that are all weakness, for in this he feels strength.  If you could but see the sorrow that is Here when children act this way.  The Father says, ‘Oh, children, do not lean on each other’s weaknesses; lean on Me, I am All Strength.’

I had a son who walked the earth.  He was strong:  strong in his acceptance of truth, strong in his delivery of it, and strong and firm in standing up to it.  My son you know, for I am Saint Elizabeth, and My son was the One Who gave you a Sacrament:  Baptism. ‘Saint John The Baptist’ you know him as.  Many times, when he walked the land men laughed at him, and when they accused him of being the Promised One, he would abruptly say, ‘Not so,’ for he was a humble man.  He insisted upon truth in all things.

I come to you on this night as I did once before, to alert you to the fact that many children are not being baptized as God Wills it to be.  There are many children putting off this Sacrament, waiting for the little one to accept it on his own.  If you but knew the sorrow that is God’s when this is done, for you see, the child may die in the physical way and he will not be able to enjoy Heaven to the fullest way.  It is up to you, My children, to stand firm on the Sacrament of Love, the Sacrament of Cleansing.

I know that here in My Presence now, as I said once before, one of you or two of you are aware of someone who has not had the Sacrament of Love, the Sacrament of Care.  So keep this in mind, and as you do, be blessed by this knowledge I give to you, and pass it on and show you care.

Oh, My children, as John walked the earth he knew the Greater Power was close and yet far away, but he knew that he had to serve in a special way.  So one day, when The Son of God came close to him, to show the need, the beauty, the love He had for the washing of the water, the pouring of the water, oh, My children, John looked into His Eyes and knew He was The One he had waited for.

And now I speak to you.  You have waited for Heaven to speak for centuries.  Is this not so?  And now We do, and in many ways it is a cleansing, it is a purifying.  It will be the cleansing of your minds so you will see only truth.  It will purify your Souls, for the Teaching that is done through This Miracle will alert you to the importance you must do.  Do you understand What I say to you?

My children, as I stand Here in the Heavens there is much work to do, and sometimes God does say to Us, ‘Work here, My Saints,’ and that We do; and then We go to other children on the other side of the world, but We are always conscious of your prayers that come to Us for help, for aid.  Keep this in mind, My little ones, when you pray.

I bless you with the Gift of Baptism, I bless you with the cleansing of your minds, I bless you with a pure heart.  Be blessed by My Words tonight.  So be it.”

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