ON FEBRUARY 17, 1972 AT 7:50 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am Saint Peter, and oftentimes I come through this child to tell you different things, and oftentimes, when I come through her, I must say: ‘You must stand solid in the Church of all days.  You must stand firm, for the Holy Mother Church must remain in the truth it is, in the beauty it is,’ for you see, I am the Rock on which this Church was built, and as I walked with The Son of God one day and He spoke to us, He taught us to go forth in Our day.

I again come through this child to teach you on this night, that you, too, must leave this dwelling and you, too, must go forth and teach What The Saints have said to you on this night, and be aware of one thing, My children:  To walk for God you must stand in truth.  To walk with true love, you must love Him first.  So be it for tonight.”

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