ON FEBRUARY 17, 1972 AT 7:54 PM


“My children, I am The Sacred Heart.  As I reach My Hand into each heart here before Me now, I can stop the beat of your heart or I can make it pump more.  I choose to allow it to pump back and forth, up and down, in and out, because I love you.

As you gather on this night, you gather with hope, hope that This Miracle of a Beloved Son is true.  Some of you express it in your eyes, some in your thoughts, for you see, I know what you feel.  I have not taken My Hand off your heart, for I love you.  I want your heart to remember My Hand for all times.  It is My Love that touches your heart, not only My Hand.

Right now in the world, My Heart is not spoken of enough, the Beauty of My Heart is not displayed enough, the Action of My Heart is not shown enough, the Purpose for which I display My Heart is not told enough.  If I were to show My Heart above each Altar where I am, and if I were to allow Drops of Blood to drip upon the Altar, men would stand and say, ‘It cannot be true, it is someone playing a game,’ and others would stop by and say, ‘It’s a figment of imagination; it must be the lighting,’ and some would stop by and say, ‘It’s got to be true.’ I ask of you now, ‘Which one are you?’

The Heart does not stand above the Altar, but I am there in The Host for you.  The Holy Trinity, of Which I am a Part, is ready to be given to you, if you will but allow it to be.  Children make excuses for not receiving this Host of Love, this Gift of Truth.  Children deny themselves this Great Gift.  It is sadness to Us, for so oftentimes a child denies himself Us when it is only foolishness on the child’s part.  The enemy of Ours sees the Value of this Beloved Host and this is what he tries to desecrate the most.  I am sure that most of you children in My Presence here are aware of this desecration.

Oh, My children, when you leave this dwelling in your time, My Hand will remain on your heart, and each day, if you will but feel the tug, it will be Me drawing you to the Altar of Love, for I want each child to accept the Gift that awaits each day, for with this Gift and through this Gift, you will grow strong Our Way.

We have put This Miracle of All Love upon the earth for you, and through It, I touch your heart, for as you entered this dwelling on this night, it was Our Idea for you, it was Our Love for you, no matter what you felt, and those of you who fought to not come, you did not feel the urging from Us.  It was not a human child who drew you to the door.  It was My Hand, My Love.  I will ask each child in My Presence here to keep in evidence to the eye, a picture of My Heart, so you will remember this night.

I love you, and you must understand that once I touch your heart I will not let go of your hand.  I bless you with The Father’s Love and I bless you in your heart.  I bless you with the Light to follow the Rays of My Heart, and I ask each child to keep in mind The Host that is Divine.  So be it.”

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