ON FEBRUARY 22, 1972 AT 7:29 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am speaking through this child in a manner that you understand.  I am speaking in a language you understand.  You are not frightened of this child, for when you see her, you see one as you, but the more you hear the Words from her, the more you know, the more you feel, the more you will understand the Words are not hers.  Some of you children, who have spoken with her before, are fully aware of the Magnitude, the Wisdom of the Words that have come through her.  Is this not so?  and as I say this on this night, I beseech you, My little ones, to open your heart to the Faith that was put there at the moment of conception a time ago.

I am a Saint few of you pray to, few of you might know, but nonetheless, I speak with God’s Words through this child on this night, and I am concerned with the glow of your Soul, the Light.  I am Saint Anastasia.

There are many things you must know of.  There are many things you must do.  There are many prayers you must say.  The Heavenly Father has requested that I come to you on this night to alert you to the necessity of prayer, the necessity to be aware of the Soul He gave you.

As it was said through the child in the first, children are dying on this night in the physical way.  The night will come, a day will be, and you, too, will leave the world, as I did in My time, and through This Miracle, governed by The Divine, directed by The Divine, you must become aware that you must be prepared for such a time.  So few children accept this knowledge for the Greatness It is, the Love It is.

In My time, we, too, walked with the path of the day, the problems involved in many things, the illnesses that took place.  We, too, had our distractions.  We, too, had our dilemmas, and we, too, had many men who wished to lead us astray, but I say to you from the Realm of Heaven Where I am, ‘Be alert to this day, be conscious of the right and the wrong, and be conscious of the truth that must come from you, the decisions throughout the day.’

You are Blessed, My children, in a special way.  The Saints Here in Heaven see all your needs and are conscious every day of how you are, what you accept and what you reject, for God allows it to be this way.

I do not come in sadness tonight.  I come in joy, for it is a Love from God that allows Me to say These Words, and there can be no sadness in His Love.  We come from Heaven with a warning to all mankind, through this child who walks solely for The Divine.  There will be many things explained to you on this night, and with each thing there will be much Love given with a Light no man can make, no man can create, for the Light is that of The Holy Trinity.

I bless you, My children, with God’s Love, and I say, ‘The child will now tell you what must be for the Salvation of Souls in your time and for a long time to come.’  So be it.”

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