ON FEBRUARY 22, 1972 AT 7:50 PM


“Many times, My children, when the burn of the stigmata worked into my flesh, the pain was so excruciating that I would call out to God and say, ‘Another test?’ and He would gently inform me in some manner that it had to be, for I was to help Souls come to Him in Eternity.  Sometimes He asks a child to suffer, not always in an obvious way, but sometimes in a very quiet manner.

I remember one time, My little ones, and I want to share this time with you now, that as I was kneeling in my cell, the pain was so much that all I wanted to do was scream out.  Sometimes The Heavenly Father allowed it to grow and that was when He needed another Soul; and I would fall to my knees and then I would fall to the ground, because the pain was more than I could bear, and yet I knew that through this pain God was always there, and I could not help but wonder how The Divine Son stood it on the Cross without screaming out: ‘God, help Me.  Be with Me on this Cross.’ And this is what sustained Him through ordeals all the time, for just the thought of seeing Him, a Great Part of The Divine, and yet, all the physical Hope of man.

Oh, My children, as you gather on this night, This Teaching Miracle of Love has come to the world to give you strength, to help you know that the path to Heaven is God’s Love, God’s Light.  The paths in the world are made by man.  Think back to a long time ago when certain men had adventure in their Soul.  They would walk a certain path, and others would follow because of the easy manner following in this path.  Men have made heroes out of those who walked the first time.  Is this not so?  How many men have made a hero out of This Son Who died, Who walked that road?  Oh, My children, know that as He was torn to pieces, you might say He never once denied His Love for God in any way.

And I ask you on this night, not to suffer physical pain, but to understand the need to walk in the direct Light God has given man.  This Light is Truth.  This Light is Him.  This Light is His Love for every man.  Do not become so involved in others in the world that you neglect to see the Light God gives to you to walk in the world.

I could go on and on for hours, through this child, and some of you would let your minds wander, so I will stop at this moment and keep asking, through this child, that each of you respect God’s Will, and when He offers a small cross, do not decline, but accept it with the Grace and Love He gives at such a time.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with the Wounds I had.  And I let you in on a secret: ‘All here in the room have a chance to walk a special way for God.’ Let Him know you accept.  So be it.”

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