ON FEBRUARY 22, 1972 AT 8:09 PM


“My children, I once taught on a hill, and when I taught, the Words I said were the Wisdom of the Heavens, and it was always God’s Will.  I speak again on this night through a child and say, ‘I speak to teach you, to extend to you God’s Hand.’

As The Heavenly Mother said, ‘Remember to kiss the Cross,’ this is true; I love the children to express this act of love.  It is an act of humility, it is an act of truth, for as you do this, you say to Me, ‘Oh God, I do love You, and I am grateful for what You did, and I love You for all things You gave, and I accept the Life that You gave for me.’ Oh, My children, just this kiss says so much to Me.

I am not standing on a hill teaching through this child.  I stand Here in the Heavens, in the Power of The Holy Trinity I use to reach you.  As I use the child’s body, I use the mechanisms for the voice to be heard.  I use her eyes to look into yours and I use her arms to express My Way.  I use her totally and I always will.

As I hung upon the Cross that day, I begged The Father to help all men understand His Way, and He said to Me: ‘My Son, through Your Great Love, You have given man the Way to Me.  Through Your Humility, You have expressed to man what pleases Me; and even though there were times that You could have expressed Yourself, You waited for My Command, You waited for My Will to be done.  Thank You, Son, for giving Me all the Souls in the world.’

Through time, My children, man has begun to feel no need to pray; man has felt a power in his way.  And as you are in My Sight now, you are fully aware that the Power through Which I come is not yours nor the child’s.  The Power is Mine.  You could not reach Me through the power you have, but I can reach you through the Power I Am.  Since the Crucifixion, no man has been asked to stand before the world until this time, and you are learning direct from The Divine.

As it was spoken on this night, God has designed a Hill of Hope for men to walk on, men to partake in, men to seek truth on, in, with.  Every spot on this Hill has been designed by The Father.  There is not one spot He has not thought about.  This Hill can be compared to the Hill I died upon.  The size is somewhat similar, not too high, rolling in some ways, always looking to the sky.  I stood alone on this Hill.  Now, again, another Hill is to free mankind.  This time the freedom is a different way; this time the freedom, not to open the Gates of Heaven, but to open man’s heart to God’s Will.

As I stand Here in the Heavens, I cannot tell you the desire that The Heavenly Father has, that I feel, for you to understand the necessity for each child here, and others in the world, to begin to face truth, to begin to see the necessity for prayer, to begin to understand that in The Holy Eucharist, We are there.  We are truly there, My children, Body and Blood.  Do not walk by Us every day, but stop and receive the Gift of Light.  Do not let scruples keep you away.  Do not let your weakness draw you from Us, for many times you do not understand Our Love.  Come forward, children, and receive Us.  If you will but make it a practice to every day receive this Gift, It will give you a strength nothing else can, and if you will combine this Gift with the prayers to your Heavenly Mother, you will find your day happier and you will feel like facing another.

I will not hang upon the Cross again; there is no need for it.  But now, the time in which you live is sadness, so We send another Child, Who walked the world as My Beloved Father, Who was obedient at all times and Who trusted.  He is to become known for His Service and His Love, His Dedication and His Hope, the Truth that He stood in, the Protection that He was.  You must begin to recognize the Beauty of His Way and you must imitate the Example He set down one day, for if you do, you will find a growth within yourself that nothing else can give you.  So, you see, My children, He became a Saint through obedience and trust, His Love for God’s Way.

I bless you with The Father’s Love and I bless you with My Heart.  I bless you with the Light of The Holy Ghost, and I say, ‘Begin tonight to love.’  So be it.”

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