ON FEBRUARY 24, 1972 AT 7:44 PM


“Each child in My Presence here was born in the same manner, was born with the same things, was born out of God’s Love, and was born with the Gift of Faith instilled within the heart.  Many men would argue this point, but this is truth, and that is why, when God says, ‘All men are born equal,’ He means just this:  Faith in a Supreme Being.  When you were conceived, at the moment of conception you were given a will, you were given a Soul, a body, and a Guardian Angel, and yes, My children, you were given Faith.  How this Faith grows is up to you.  How much you grow in love with God depends upon your will.

I am a Saint Here in the Heavens and I walked the path as you.  I walked a treacherous road, for sometimes I began to fall; sometimes I truly fell.  I am Saint Augustine.  I speak My Name quietly and yet firmly.  I do not say, ‘Use my example for your day,’ for many times I could have used my time to grow in love with God, in love with The Divine, but instead I selfishly looked my way and I said, ‘I love You, God, but I love myself more today.’ I was skeptical, I was critical, I was selfish in many ways.  How many in My Presence here can say this of themselves today, or can you say you love God so much that you would give your life for Him today?  There is no child in My Presence here who can honestly say that from the waking moment until now, you offered your physical totally to God and to His Crown.

As I come through this child on this night to say the Words of Wisdom, the Words to alert you to a special way, I come with a Love Far Beyond the one you know, Far Deeper than the one you feel for anyone you know.  You see, My Love is now governed by The Divine.  God has given the world Saints to see, to know, to pray to, for so many children must be assured that the physical life has Purpose.  We are example of this for We walked the physical road.

Some of you have made many mistakes.  Some of you are not yet willing to give up these mistakes.  Some of you are very weak; and some, not ready to gain strength.  Some of you say, ‘To love God is to rob me of life, my way.’ Not so, My children.  Loving Him is a freedom you cannot know, is a strength nothing else can give.  Try it and you will love it.  I promise you so.

As I stand Here in the Heavens, We are busy helping children come This Way for God does not allow you to be alone for one moment.  Whether you are asleep or awake, the time is precious to God, for He knows the evil one is constantly trying to gain your Soul, to get his way with you.  Do not be so prideful that you say you need no help any day, but seek Us out.  Come to Us and We will help you in every way.

This Miracle that has been set upon the earth for each child here, and each child throughout the world, is to make Saints of everyone.  It is not too late.  I beg of you, I beseech you that on this night you promise God with all your might that you will be a Saint and share His Light, but do it with humility, do it with love, do it with obedience, and do it with trust in His Way.  I beseech you on this night:  Promise God that you will pray, promise Him that you will use every moment of every day to grow to be a Saint His Way.  And how to do it?  Easy, My children, use the will that God gave you; there is no other way for you.  When you awakened on this day, it was your will who brought you to your feet.  It was your will that made you eat.  It was your will that made you work.  It was your will that made you do the tasks today.  So keep in mind, My children, that it will be your will that will help you be a Saint.  So be it.”

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