ON FEBRUARY 24, 1972 AT 8:01 PM


“My children, I am The Son of The Father, and as I stand Here in the Heavens I look over all the children of the world.  I see them performing acts that were painful to Me a long time ago.  Every blow that I suffered was forty times more than man would feel it, and when they whipped Me, each blow was forty times the strength that you know.  It had to be this way, for you see, I could not have suffered enough, just man’s way, to save the world.  The sufferings could only have been endured with My Love for God before Me at all times, for I knew He wanted every Soul that He would allow to be born to the world.

I speak through this child.  She is of flesh and I use her to reach you.  If I came into the room physically, it would still be up to you to use your will to save your Soul.  I could not be closer than I am now, and I desire each child here and throughout the world to be more conscious of the Soul that is much a Part of you.

No child kneels in prayer, desiring help, that We do not hear.  No child’s heart beats that We do not control the beat in a way you cannot know, in a manner far beyond what you could comprehend.  Only God can make a man, a Soul.  Man has begun an all-out act to compete with God.  Man cannot last.  Man does not govern the Life of God, but God governs the life of man.

Through your will you will be a Saint.  If I were to hand each child in this room a crown with jewels, some of you would throw it away, not realizing the value.  You would be skeptical of its worth.  Some would even be jealous of the other child’s crown.  Is this not so?  And some of you would wait for another man to throw his away, and go get it, and you would hoard the crown in a selfish way.

And that is why a Miracle such as This has been given in such a natural way, with each child able to share an amount of It, the Depth of It, the Magnitude of It, the Beauty of It.  Each Word you read, dictated by Us, can give you strength.  Do not be prideful and say, ‘It cannot be God’s Way,’ for you see, My children, We give you things We know will help you, and in a manner and in a way that you can handle it in your little way.

This Miracle of a Beloved Son, Who was My physical Father, is given to the world to give all men strength, no matter what color, no matter what creed, no matter what personality.  All Saints have been requested by The Father to speak through this child.  All Heaven has been alerted to the Greatness of This Miracle and to the reason for It, and The Miracle is to let the world know of This Beloved Saint.  He must be Honored, He must be Revered, and He must become known for What He Was and Who He Is.

I will not hang upon the Cross again, for the Gates of Heaven are opened to all men, but This Miracle has been set forth upon the earth to express God’s Love and to teach men the physical worth.  Take advantage of It, My children, and as you do, pass the Truth to others so they will join you in Heaven Where I am.

The Power that is used through this child to reach you is one alone.  No man can duplicate It, no man can analyze It, just as no man can analyze nor duplicate God’s Love.

I love you much, for one day I died for each of you in a physical touch.  I suffered forty times more each blow, and each thorn that dug into My Head was forty times greater, for it took this much suffering to free your Souls so They could one day come Here.

Let no man teach you untruth about Our Gift to you, so when you receive this Gift it is truly Us Who come within you.  When I stood with men such as you and I performed this Act of Change, I did it as the First Example for others to follow, so they could give you the Ultimate Gift from Us.  Nothing in My physical life was unnecessary, was sinful; it all had Great Worth, Great Meaning.  Oh, My children, be wise to the wrong around, and accept the Truth that you learned through This Miracle of Our Beloved Saint.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with My Heart, for it was through this Heart I was able to suffer the blows, the disgrace; and I bless you with the Light of Truth, the Light that is only God’s Way.  So be it.”

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