ON FEBRUARY 27, 1972 AT 7:20 PM


“Man says, ‘What difference is it, if I believe or I do not believe in how God would work?’ Man says, ‘Why should I have to believe in something so phenomenal, something so outlandish, something so different than I know things to be?’ Man says: ‘Why do I have to care about a woman like this?  She says she walks for The Divine,’ but what these men do not know is that the child is not saying this; it is I, for you see, My children, I am The Son of God, and I come to you on this night with a Great Love, a Deep Love, a Divine Love, for through this child, a Saint will be shown, a Saint will become known, a Saint will be seen.  Through the delicate manner she is, through the smallness she is, man will begin to see the Power of The Holy Three.

Thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands, triple this amount, this will be the amount that must come to The Miracle for Him.  Oh, My children, you have been Blessed much in the closeness you are to This Miracle of Us, to the closeness you see of The Divine Three, and for the personal touch that This Miracle is for you.

My children, I walked the world in a human form because The Father Willed it so, and then I left the world in the human form to come Here, Where I am Eternally with Him Who Is.  I am The Sacred Heart, I am The Son of Saint Joseph, I am The Second Person of The Blessed Trinity, and I say this openly to each of you here, to let you know the Places in which I have stood and I stand.

And now, the world must know of This Obedient Man, Who is now The Highest Saint in Heaven, beneath The Heavenly Queen.  Oh, My children, you partake in a Miracle of Greatness, a Miracle of All Truth, a Miracle of Divine Love.  So be it.”

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