ON FEBRUARY 27, 1972 AT 8:05 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.  Many, many children do not know of Me, but I come on this night because God Wills it, to teach you what is right.

Be conscious, My children, the Beauty of Heaven.  Be conscious of the Will of God.  Be conscious of all things that are in His Way, His Will, His Plan, and if you follow this way of life, you will enjoy Sainthood one day.

So many children are not being taught the Beauty that awaits them.  So many are being told that the physical life is just that, and when it ends there is no more.  This must change.

Children enjoy having a better place to go.  Children enjoy a goal.  Children enjoy beauty, and when they are encouraged to save their Souls so they will enjoy the Beauty of Heaven, you will find the world change, and you will find a drive to do God’s Will.  This is one of the reasons, the main one, for This Miracle of such Great Magnitude; that is, My children, to save Souls.  So be it.”

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