ON MARCH 4, 1972 AT 10:15 PM


“My beloved children, challenge is something most men love to accept.  Beauty is one thing that all men easily accept.  Love is something that all men desire.  Let Me say this now to you, ‘To serve God is not challenge, for you see, My children, it is love.’ Please, as you gather in this room on this night, and you enjoy in such a grand way the physical delights, be in love with God, for He is All Beauty, He is All Love.

I am a Saint that has never announced My Name.  I come to this child for the first time on this night.  I lived a long time ago.  I lived in a time when many men struggled against the heresy all around.  The Heavenly Father has requested I speak tonight, and as I do, I say, ‘My Name when I was upon the earth carried, partly, George.’

There are so many facets of My life that men would like to explore, but as I stand Here in the Heavens now, I say to each one here: ‘Enjoy the physical that you have and use it to bring you Here.  Enjoy the beauty God gives you, for you see, He expects you to enjoy the beauty of the world, for He promises All Beauty in Heaven, so He, too, enjoys beauty.’

I bless you with His Love and I say, ‘Enjoy the physical in every way.’ Keep in mind when you enjoy, that God is ever by your side, and never do one thing against The Commandments He gave to you, and never let your weakness be your joy, for when you do, you sin.  You are loved.  So be it for now.”

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