ON MARCH 8, 1972 AT 11:12 AM


“My children, I am Saint Athanasius.  I lived in a time of great heresy, and now you also live in a time such as this.  It will be this army that the beloved Saint John The Baptist spoke about that will wipe out the heresy all around; the army of love for God, the army of truth for Him, the army reaching for purity, the army that carries only truth.  You are chosen on this day to walk in this army.  How many of you will lag behind?  How many of you will be afraid?  How many of you will not take the Sword given to you today?

I walked alone in My day and I fought, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, but now I stand Here in the Heavens and I give you the strength to fight as I once fought, for you see, I lived in a time of Arian heresy.  You live in a time equal to this.

I bless you with the Sword that you were handed by Saint John The Baptist, and I say, ‘Let this Sword grow so large, so when you reach Heaven you will say, “God, help Me carry the Sword that I have for You today.”’  So be it.”

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