ON MARCH 8, 1972 AT 11:16 AM


“My beloved children, I, too, greeted you at the door.  Where else would I be at a time like this?  I am your Heavenly Mother.

As I speak through this child, I speak with a Love for you deeper than you know, for as this home has been placed in this particular spot for The Beloved Saint Joseph, I share it with Him, as I did the home in the world.  We lived in the world as a Family; and as The Heavenly Father designed This Miracle, He designed It for all Three of Us to partake in, to stand before you in a loving way.

This Miracle has a Depth you cannot know and It has a Love that is Heaven’s Glow.  Many centuries have gone by and The Beloved Saint Joseph has stayed within the Heavens, waiting only, willing only to do God’s Will.  The Holy Trinity has designed this time to be for Him.

In all My Visions throughout the world, I have requested children to come to Me through My Holy Rosary.  Some have, some have not.  Some are unwilling to spend a few moments with Me each day.

I stand in the Heavens, greeting all Souls, helping Them to come This Way.  As you stand in this home, this dwelling, this place, and someone in this room were to faint, you would know, you would feel a little sad.  If someone in this room were to die in the world, it would upset you.  Is this not so?

We, Here in the Heavens, each day watch Souls leave the world and go right to Hell where there is no hope, there is no love; and Those Who are sent to Purgatory, the one strength They have there is hope, and if I had My Way, I would take Them All within My Garment and draw Them to the Feet of God, His Way, but I must be obedient to His Rules so when a Child arrives Here, They are cleansed, They are purified.  It must be this way.  This Miracle of The Beloved Saint is to show children that they can begin the purification, the cleansing, right here on earth, and they do not have to wait to have it done in Purgatory.

My Rosary I love, for each time the child says it, the child says, ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace.’ Do you not like a friend to say ‘Hello’ to you?  I love it from My children such as you.  It is not a monotonous prayer.  It is a prayer of love, it is a prayer of hope, it is a prayer of truth, it is a prayer designed to help each one of you.

I bless you with My Rosary and I bless you with Hope, and I bless you through The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph; and I ask you on this day to carry the Sword Saint John gave you today, for as you do, you will help other men escape Hell and perhaps not touch Purgatory.  So be it.”

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