ON MARCH 9, 1972 AT 7:31 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, Heaven is overjoyed through This Miracle.  Heaven is happy to come forward to children such as you.  All The Saints in Heaven have been alerted to This Miracle of such Great Power.

I am Saint Dominic.  As I stand in the Heavens, I speak to you.  I speak to you on a level and in terms you can understand.  I speak through a child’s physical and I use her to reach you.  Through This Miracle of Great Hope, Great Love, Great Truth, All Heaven is teaching children of all kinds the Wisdom God wants children to know.

My children, in many ways, the Holy Rosary is a dedication that God wants all men to have.  All of you present who do not say these Beads, please, learn to love them, for you see, they bring Souls This Way.  Many children say, ‘I do not like the Beads, they are passe.’ This is not so.  The Beads are truly loved by God and they are truly a weapon against the evil one.

As you entered this home tonight, you were Blessed, for, My children, this is the home of The Beloved Saint Joseph, and this is how this home will become known to all men.

Keep in mind that as you walk through the day, you must communicate with Here in some way.  The favored way of The Beloved Holy Trinity are these:  First, you must receive The Holy Eucharist, for as you do, you receive The Holy Trinity.  This will give you strength, This will give you help in all ways; and then, a prayer loved by All Here is the Holy Rosary.  Please, My children, keep in mind the beauty of purity, the beauty of your way, and say to each other, ‘Remember, say the Holy Rosary today.’

I bless you with My Love, but I bless you with The Heart of Jesus and I bless you with the Holy Rosary.  So be it for today.”

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