ON MARCH 9, 1972 AT 7:43 PM


“For the little ones who are present here, I have asked The Beloved Father to speak.  I am Saint Bernadette.  When I was a very small child The Heavenly Mother approached me.  I was frightened when I saw Her.  And then, when the Vision became more frequent, there was less fear within me and more desire to see Her.

And so it is in your day, My little ones.  You must become acquainted with the Beauty of Heaven.  You must become acquainted with the Beauty that All Saints are, and you must be aware of the Greatness of The Holy Trinity, and you must look, always, to Our Heavenly Mother, wherever you are.

Many times, when you are alone, you could offer this time in prayer; and many times The Heavenly Mother is whispering in your ear, ‘Say the Rosary and hold it dear,’ but you ignore these words, is this not so?  for you allowed distraction of earthly way to come to you.

On this night, in your time and in your day, I beseech you to pray the Holy Rosary each day.  And as I speak direct to the children present here, I did not eliminate those who are of many years, for you see, in God’s Eyes all children are children to Him.  Keep this in mind as you walk each day.

I stand Here in the Heavens and I encourage children to say the Beads that The Heavenly Mother loves to hear the children say, for you see, She stands with Her Hand outstretched, leading Souls This Way.  Children do not know the Power of the Rosary.  Children think it is just a prayer.  This is not so.  There are many Souls in Purgatory now Who are waiting for your Rosary today.  Sometimes The Heavenly Mother has to say, ‘Wait, Child, for more Rosaries must come Your way.’ Keep this in mind as you go through the day, for that one Rosary you might say could be the one to release a Soul that day.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with Mine, and I say, ‘The vision tonight was not with your eyes, but with your ears and your heart,’ and you knew it was right for Me to say, ‘Pray the Holy Rosary every day.’”

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