ON MARCH 9, 1972 AT 7:48 PM


“To many in the room, My Name is familiar.  My Way is also familiar.  I am Saint Francis of Assisi.  I come to you on this night to prepare you for many things.  I come on this night to prepare you to say, ‘God, let Your Will be mine today.’ I come on this night to tell you of God’s Love.  I come on this night to say to you, ‘Sainthood waits for you Above.’ God does not say to each man here, ‘Suffer the Wounds of My Way,’ but He does say, ‘Use your will to do Mine, and then come This Way.’

There are many learned children in My Presence here, and many of them are so endowed with privileges that God gave them, and now I say, ‘Use these privileges and use this knowledge to teach others of God’s Way.’ So many children are being taught untruth today.  It is easy to speak an untruth, but ask yourselves on this night, why have you not trained yourselves to speak only truth?

When I walked the land, I walked in a difficult way and I walked alone in many ways.  There are some men in this room tonight dedicated to My Way.  I know this for I have heard them pray.  Many times, when I was in rags, men would ridicule me in a funny way.  They would laugh at me, they would smirk and they would call me names, for they did not see my heart or the reason why I walked this way.

Oh, My children, on this night I say to you: ‘The Way to Heaven is one of doing God’s Will.  It is sacrifice, obedience, and trust in His Way.  It is tolerance of others in your day.’

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Be blessed through This Miracle of The Beloved Saint, and as you go your way, be prepared; this is God’s Will, His Way.’  So be it.”

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