ON MARCH 9, 1972 AT 8:03 PM


“I have appeared in many places in the world and I have requested children to do certain things.  Many children have not obeyed the requests or complied with it.  I come to you on this night through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.  I am much evident in This Miracle for I was His Spouse upon the earth.  God is allowing man to see the dignity of this state of life.  God is requesting that man look to this state of life as a way of His Love, the sharing of Creation with The Holy Trinity.

God has sent This Miracle to the world for many reasons.  One is to alert mankind to the dignity of the marriage state, to the beauty that it is, and the reason it was created.  It is a state in life that God loves most, for through it many men come into the world.  I, your Heavenly Mother, speak to you on this night because I love you.

Nowhere in the world is there a Miracle such as This, and This Miracle is on the Winds of God’s Power.  I ask you, My little ones, to think much on this night, for if you do, you will change your way, and you will become more alert to the privilege of the physical way and the Purpose of it.  The Teaching that is being done from Heaven is one alone.  Children must learn to communicate with God.  The reason for the sad state that things are in now is, children have forgotten Who created them and why.

I stand Here in the Heavens, desiring all Souls to come This Way, and I see the conditions of all things, and you truly live in a time worse, My children, than Sodom and Gomorrah.  You cannot see it as We do, you cannot feel it as We do, for you are in the midst of it, and you are being drawn into the pits of Hell because of it.  There are many men walking the earth now who honor the evil one and do it with their own will.  These men are not sure of what they are doing, but they take pleasure in being optimists.  Pray for these men.  Pray for their Souls, for God wants Them.

There are many Souls in Purgatory now Who are depending upon each child here to release Them with prayer.  Ask yourselves, My little ones, on this night, did you waste the day or did you help a Soul come Here?

It is so easy to pray.  Use this as an outline, every day:  When you awaken in the morning, ask God to help through the day; no effort here, and no time involved, for you can do this in a little way.  And then, as you busy yourselves with the necessities of life, offer each act up for a Soul to come This Way.  It is not a thing of the past, an act of love; it is a thing of now, for you to do.

Children have become so sophisticated all throughout the world, for they say, ‘It is needless to pray.’ This is satan’s way.  There are children right now, committing great sin against The Holy Trinity.  There are many involved in this who never think to pray.

You are present on this night because it is God’s Will, and I say to you from Heaven: ‘Before you lay your head tonight, reach for the Holy Rosary and say the Beads I love to hear, and one day, when you reach Heaven Where I am, I will then give you an accounting of the Souls you helped come This Way.’ And keep in mind, My little ones, that you could be One of these Souls Who needed someone to pray.

As I speak through this child, I speak in Truth, and as I speak through her, I put My Arms around each one of you, for those who came in Faith tonight, in God’s Love, you are granted Grace you cannot touch, you cannot feel, you cannot see, but It is there for you to use when there is need.  Those of you who came to This Miracle of Hope with little Faith, with little love, with little trust, I touch your hearts with My Immaculate Heart and I say, ‘When the Angel appeared to Me and told Me What God Willed, it was the trust that made Me say, “Yes.” It was My desire to do His Will.’

And so it can be with you on this night.  As I touch you with My Immaculate Heart, be in trust and be in love, for you see, My children, God wants you.  So be it.”

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