ON MARCH 10, 1972 AT 8:45 AM


“I am here and I am often lonesome for children to come and visit Me.  Sometimes I whisper to their hearts, sometimes I make a sign openly.  I give all children the opportunity to walk in to where I am.  They are not being taught the beauty of this freedom or the act of love it is.

Many times I single children out to spend time with Me for I know they will accept My offer and visit The Holy Trinity.  My Heart stands in the Tabernacle, ready to appease and ready to please all who come here to visit Me.  I do not make It visible for if I did it would frighten children, so I ask each child to trust in Me and how I would be.

Many thousands have been Blessed and will be Blessed through this child by Me.  It will be much time before man recognizes this Particular Power of The Divine; nevertheless, it has to be.

As I speak from the Heavens Where I am, I say: ‘Teach This to all children in every land.  Give children copies of My Words so they will learn to understand what Truth is, what Wisdom is, and they will take My Hand.’

I bless the world with My Love and I extend My Heart to every child.  I am here in the Church I made.  Tell children of this and tell them to visit Me each day.  So be it.”

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