ON MARCH 13, 1972 AT 12:50 PM


“Suddenly the world is faced with Truth.  Suddenly the world must face the reality that Heaven Exists.  Suddenly the world must recognize that Saints truly are in their midst.  Suddenly the world must realize that the Purpose of life is to become a Saint.  Suddenly the world has to acknowledge that God has created All things.  Suddenly the world must see what all things truly are.  Suddenly the world must recognize the wickedness all around.  Suddenly the world must be told that satan, the evil one, is rapidly growing in degree.

I, My children, come to you on this day.  I am Saint Athanasius, and as I speak through this child, I speak from the Realm of Heaven Where I am.  The Power I use is God’s.  The Words are the Wisdom of Him.

And now I say: ‘You live in a time of great heresy, and you live in a time when man must have example before him at all times.  You live in a time when many children are desiring the Gifts from God.  God does not hand them out so easily.’

Many men are walking around, saying that they have the charismatic Gifts from God.  This is not so, for you see, when God bestows these Gifts upon a child, God takes care of the child in a particular way, and God protects the mysticism in His Own Way.  There are many children running around, saying that they have the Gifts, and they say to each other, ‘What is your Gift on this day?’ and the child suddenly makes up a Gift.  So, you see, it cannot be from God, My children.  This is attributing to the heresy in some ways.  Also, many children are developing a heresy in particular corners of the world.

I have come to you on this day to alert you to This Miracle of so much Worth; and also, there will be much on heresy soon, for you see, My children, you must follow God’s Truth, and ignore the heresy, for it bears no fruit.  So be it.”

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