ON MARCH 14, 1972 AT 7:27 PM


“My children, I am a Saint many books have been written about, and I add many Words to These Great Stories From Heaven.  I am Saint Augustine.  My life, to many, is an open book, but there were many parts of My life that were not told; but as I stand Here in the Heavens Where I am, I will say this to you, My children: ‘It is wise if you walk a good life.  It is wise if you walk with your will doing God’s.  It is wise if you try, in all ways, to help others walk to God.  It is wise to be example in all things.’

So many children are walking the earth doing as they please, and as they do this, they are pleasing the evil one.  I know, for you see, until the day I became in wisdom of God’s Way, I, too, catered to the evil one in many ways.

I come to you now from the Realm of Heaven to alert you to all the things that you can do to please God, and so that one day you, too, can wear a Crown Here with Us.  First of all, My children, do not ignore the beauty of prayer, the necessity of it, nor the need of it, and keep in mind as you pray, that others cannot pray for you in a particular way; you must also communicate with God, your way.  It is true, others can pray for you and you can pray for others, but God loves it more when you yourself pray to Him, for then He knows you have a spark of love for Him.

Keep in mind, also, that The Heavenly Father has given you Truth when He gave you the Church to lean upon.  Keep this in mind as you walk each day, for The Holy Trinity exposes Itself to you in a loving way.  Each day, The Holy Trinity says, ‘Oh, children, come and gain strength Our Way.’ And ask yourselves on this night, how many times have you ignored this request?  Ask yourselves on the morrow, if you are using scruples to keep you away, or just excuses?  All children should cleanse themselves, for they can, you know.  It just takes your own will.  Keep in mind that the Men of God wait to cleanse the sins so you can stand before God and receive Him as He is.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Pray, and receive The Holy Eucharist every day.’  So be it.”

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