ON MARCH 14, 1972 AT 7:33 PM


“I am Saint Peter.  There are many men who are following the path I was given to lead.  There are many men on this path and in this way, who sometimes do not teach all the things God Wills them to teach.  There are many who are, and there are many who do; so, My children, look to these men who do.  There are many truths to be taught.  The children are not learning the full truth.  The children are not learning to respect The Holy Eucharist.  So, as you walk and you teach and you lead others, keep in mind that to teach the little ones respect for The Holy Eucharist is important to God.

On that particular night, at the Last Supper, all of us there knew that this Great Gift that God was giving to the world had a Light nothing else could.  And so, as the beloved Man of God stands on the Altar each day, keep in mind, My children, he hands you the Light to Heaven in The Host Way.

I, Saint Peter, walked the earth in a gruff, rough way, for it was the way of my vocation.  And as we walked with The Son of God and He taught us along the way, we listened well, and sometimes He would say things we did not know of, but suddenly, when the True Light came, we realized the Wisdom in Everything He had said.  And now I pass this on to you on this night:  Look for the truth, My children, and find it; first, in The Holy Eucharist, for by receiving this Great Light, this Great Food, you will receive the strength to sift the truth from the untruth.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with Truth, and I say to you on this night, ‘Never walk in deceit.  Walk in truth.’  So be it.”

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