ON MARCH 16, 1972 AT 7:37 PM


“My beloved sons and My beloved daughters, many times some of you have requested that you hear God’s Words direct.  God has heard your prayers and He has heard your request.  I am a Saint Who stands in the Heavens each day.  I am a Saint Who answers many prayers for man in his way.

Let Me say this to you on this night, ‘I am Saint John The Baptist, and as I speak through this child, I speak with a Force, with a Power you cannot know,’ and I say: ‘In your midst in the world, there are many who follow the evil one; there are many who follow the satanic plan, and those who do had better stop, for you see, My children, God is ready to raise not One Fist, but Two, and those who follow the evil one must learn that they not only hurt God, but themselves.’

I, Saint John, say: ‘There are many children walking around in this day not baptized, for they are ignoring the Sacrament.  There are many children walking to the railing, not prepared to do so, and they are receiving The Holy Trinity, not knowing What they are receiving.’ Keep in mind, My children, that the evil one sanctions disrespect, and he says, ‘Go forward, show who you are and act upon this.’ Keep this in mind, My little ones, and as you do, be prepared to face God on this particular rule.

So many children are not following the Ten Commandments, and I say to you on this night, and I stand in your midst, ‘Be sure that you know Them so you can be example of Them and you can follow each one true.’

As I stand Here in the Heavens, there are Many Saints ready to speak to you.  Some will, on this night, and Some will wait for another time; but before I leave you, I bless you with the desire, the desire to do God’s Will.  So be it, My children, for tonight.”

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