ON MARCH 16, 1972 AT 7:51 PM



There are about Fifty to Seventy-five Angels.  You and I would call them “a Choir of Angels”.  They are all white.  They are holding what you and I would call an Altar, and upon this Altar is a monstrance, but it is not a monstrance as you and I know a monstrance.  It has a Heart in it, and Our Lord is standing above it, and the white He has is a glistening white, and yet not a natural white.


“So many men are diminishing this Great Gift We have given to man.  The Heart of The Holy Trinity is truly in The Holy Eucharist, for The Holy Eucharist is God’s Love for man.  Men are receiving this Ultimate Gift with much disrespect and much dishonor.  Men are performing sacrilegious acts with The Holy Eucharist.  This must cease, else We will have to use force upon men in some manner, because We can no longer accept the desecration happening to this Great Gift.

I am The Son of The Father and I speak on this night through a child as you.  You have heard much Wisdom revealed through her.  It is as it was when I walked the earth.  Heavenly Teaching was sent forth and a Victim Soul chosen by The Father was the Transmitter of the Word, of the Truth.  Not since I walked the earth has there been such a deluge of Wisdom facing mankind, of such Great Worth.  We stand in the Heavens, giving mankind a Miracle of Hope, a Miracle of Truth, a Miracle Divine, and as We do, We grant Grace to give you the strength and the Faith and the courage to accept the Wisdom that comes your way.

When I walked the path, I walked alone.  I walked for you.  And I come to you on this night to inform you of what is occurring against Our Will.  Will you allow it to continue, or will you do your part to stomp it out, to correct it?  I read your heart.

Each day We are present on Altars all over the world, waiting for man to come Our Way, waiting to give man hope, strength, courage, love, and so many men deny themselves the reception of Our Gift.  We have chosen a child to stand before you for Us.  If We were The Ones to show Ourselves before you now, some of you could not take the Sight, so in Our Love for you, We are doing it through a child as you.

As I stood on the Hill, beaten almost to the end, I stood sustained by The Father in the form of Love.  It was My Love to do His Will that sustained Me to the end.  Man does not know the Beauty of Pure Love until he falls in love with God, and so few men desire to do this, for they have the mistaken idea that to fall in love with God is a thing of the past.

If each day The Holy Eucharist bled My Blood, man would become so frightened, overwhelmed, that he could not receive this Great Gift, and so We keep It clean so man will not fear receiving It.  My children, when you receive this Ultimate Gift, walk in humility, walk in a dignity, and walk with purity.  There is so little modesty in Our Presence and so little dignity expressed.  The evil one is working diligently to rob mankind of this Great Gift.

You are present now at a Miracle Far Greater than you know.  You are experiencing Our Words direct, and you are experiencing total submission of a will.  Ask yourself on this ordinary night, what changes you must make.  You might find there will not be too many.  You might find it is not too late.  A strict Examination of conscience, a firm resolution to think of the Ten Commandments, and a desire to pray Our Way, will be the greatest starting point for all men of your day.

When I left the earth, I left man with a hope nothing else could give.  Those who leave the world and are sent to the Purgatory place have one thing to hold onto, and that, My children, is hope to one day come Here.

We are presenting to the world another Hill, called ‘the Hill of Hope’, and through This Miracle of Hope We have designed all facets of this Hill.  All through time The Father has given man a means of hope, a manner of hope, a direct way of hope.  The Holy Eucharist is man’s hope.

My children, as I speak through this child, I do it in a slow manner so you can well absorb the meaning of My Words.  There is much you have learned on this night, and if you will but allow yourselves to see it, you have been handed hope, and through this child I have revealed it.  All ages, all colors, all creeds must eventually face her as she walks for Me.  It is My Will, not hers.  It is My Way to give you hope.

I bless you from the Heaven Where I am, in the Name of The Divine Holy King.  I bless you with My Heart, and I bless you with the Light of The Holy Ghost, of Which Each One of Us is a Part.  So be it.”

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