ON MARCH 18, 1972


“My beloved children, I am Saint Bernadette and I come to you on this night for a special reason.  When Our Lady appeared to me when I was in the world, She stressed purity, She stressed modesty, She stressed truth and She stressed self-discipline, and She stressed doing all things God’s Way and in His Will.  And now, as I come to you on this night through a child as you, time is repeated, and there are similarities here as I speak to you.

Many men said that my Visions could not be true.  I knew They were, for you see, when Our Lady spoke to me, She spoke of the Divine Beauty of Heaven, and I knew the manner in which She spoke, the feeling I had when She spoke, the Sight I saw with my eyes could not have been imagination, nor man.  I carried the Beauty of This all through my life and when my physical time was about to end, I did not feel pride in having seen What I had, but I felt a great desire to do all I could to help other men.

And now as I stand Here in the Heavens with The Beloved Mother, with The Divine Holy Trinity, I am allowed to speak to you to help you come Here.  The Purpose of This Great Miracle is to teach you God’s Way, to give you firsthand, His Wisdom, His Truths.  So, I repeat to you What The Heavenly Mother once said to Me: ‘Walk in modesty, walk in purity, walk in obedience, walk in trusting God alone, walk in a true love and not an imaginary one.’

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Hold tight to the Holy Rosary every day, and when you do, your Heavenly Mother loves you.’  So be it.”

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