ON MARCH 18, 1972


“My sons and My daughters, I am The Son of The Father.  I come to you on this night to join with a preparation that gives Heaven a great delight.  The morrow is anticipated by Us also, for on the morrow certain men will be on the road to recognizing The Beloved Saint Joseph.  Heaven is happy, in joy, with all who participate in this festive experience.  This celebration has a firm foundation, a solid base, a true love of man, in the human way, for Divine Reasoning.  Divine Reasoning, of course, is the Purpose of life, to make man a Saint.

You do not work on just an individual basis.  You work collectively, and I add, prudently; and I add, in a dignified manner.  This is important to Heaven, My children, for you see, satan is trying to diminish the Beauty of Sainthood and the Magnitude of This Great Miracle.  This Miracle of My Son, Who was My earthly Father, has Its place all over the world.  This is the core of It.  This is the base of It.  This is the instrument of It, and yet, the world is suddenly alerted to a child who is obedient to Heaven day and night.  Can you not see My Hand in This?  Can you not see Our Love in This?  Can you not see the Winds of Our Power taking This and placing It where We Will, where We Desire It to be?

You stand in the midst of a Great Miracle.  Children who visit the Great Visions in the different parts of the world love the feeling they have when they are in the Presence of Divine Way, even though they do not see it; and yet, here, through This Miracle of Such Greatness, you participate in a personal way, and you receive firsthand, the Truth, the Light, the Wisdom, and you are the beneficiaries of This Great Miracle.

Many times, when man deals with man, he says: ‘What am I guaranteed?  What benefits will I derive from this plan?’ And Heaven presents the Greatest Gift in the world, The Holy Eucharist, each day, and men stand aside and say, ‘It’s not what I want; I have no use for It.’

God has sent This Great Miracle to the world.  I, The Son of The Father, stand firm in It, stand evident through It, and I say, ‘We guarantee you Sainthood, My children, when you serve The Holy Trinity in the correct way, when you use your will to do Our Will, when you use your will to desire Sainthood, when you use your will to obey the Ten Commandments The Father gave you one day, when you use your will to stand up for truth.’

Man, in the physical, does not enjoy the presence of a coward, and as you know, cowards build nothing.  It takes courage to build, it takes courage to stand when all are against you; and I speak through this child, for it takes courage for her in a way you cannot know, to face you and say, ‘God has just spoken through me today.’ Oh, My children, This Miracle is Truth, This Miracle is to help you come This Way.

I bless you in this preparation, for you see, All Heaven is alerted to children who honor This Beloved Saint.  A Special Place in Heaven is His, the Highest anyone can reach; and, so you see, My little ones, We bless you with Our Love and We say, ‘Help His Name grow and show others His Example, for when they follow, they, too, will be a Saint.’  So be it.”

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